What would Booker do without his Elizabeth?!
Elizabeth Comstock Bioshick Infinite Corset

Step 1: References

As usual I like to start with collection enough and good pictures to help me getting the right look.
What can we see and learn about Elizabeth' corset? White with black stripes; metal clothing and bones.

<p>Hello,<br>unfortunately I can not tell you the name or number of the pattern,because it's lend from a friend of mine and altered. but I do can tell you that it is a historical corset pattern!</p>
<p>This is a great corset! I was wondering where the pattern can be found?</p>
<p>Great Howto!</p>
<p>thx a lot :)</p>
Don't forget the thimble on her pinky!
<p>Thank you so much for posting this 'ible. The hasp is probably more easily found if you look for a &quot;busk&quot; (do not buy a spoon busk!)</p>
<p>so that's what it is calledXDD?! Thx. I will correct it!</p>
<p>Just wanted to let you know that the back edges will lie flat against your skin better if you make a channel between the row of rivets and the edge of the fabric, and put more metal boning in there.</p>
<p>So far there is only 1 times boning nect to the rivets. but to the fabric side. But hey!cool thing! I will keep your advice in mind &lt;3 thx</p>

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