Picture of Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth Corset

What would Booker do without his Elizabeth?!
Elizabeth Comstock Bioshick Infinite Corset

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Step 1: References

Picture of References

As usual I like to start with collection enough and good pictures to help me getting the right look.
What can we see and learn about Elizabeth' corset? White with black stripes; metal clothing and bones.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:
- fabric (taffeta) in white shiny (she's a noble daughter after all)
- white lining
- muslin fabric to make it more stiff
- black satin rivbbon - thick and thin
- white lace ribbon

- boning + pincer
- corset busk (42-45cm)
- rivets (around 12-15 per side)

And a pattern of course!

Step 3: Creating with pattern

Picture of Creating with pattern

Using a historical corset pattern here:
Transfer and cut out all pieces of the pattern twice and from all 3 fabrics. You should have 36 pieces in complete now; 12x muslin, 12x lining,12x fabric.
Sew fabric by fabric together and line them up: lining, muslin, taffeta (picture 2).

Use black satin ribbon to create the slots and the decor for the corsetts boning. Be sure to have anough space in between the stitches to fit in the bones and seal both ends of each trimmed bone either with the metal clips made for it or, as I were given the cheaper advice, with some hot glue glue :) (picture 3-5).

Stack all 3 layers per side onto each other: lining, muslin, taffeta on top.

Kion Designs (author) 3 months ago

unfortunately I can not tell you the name or number of the pattern,because it's lend from a friend of mine and altered. but I do can tell you that it is a historical corset pattern!

This is a great corset! I was wondering where the pattern can be found?

ivibraut11 months ago

Great Howto!

Kion Designs (author)  ivibraut10 months ago

thx a lot :)

Don't forget the thimble on her pinky!
lemuries1 year ago

Thank you so much for posting this 'ible. The hasp is probably more easily found if you look for a "busk" (do not buy a spoon busk!)

Kion Designs (author)  lemuries1 year ago

so that's what it is calledXDD?! Thx. I will correct it!

lemuries1 year ago

Just wanted to let you know that the back edges will lie flat against your skin better if you make a channel between the row of rivets and the edge of the fabric, and put more metal boning in there.

Kion Designs (author)  lemuries1 year ago

So far there is only 1 times boning nect to the rivets. but to the fabric side. But hey!cool thing! I will keep your advice in mind <3 thx