video Bioshock Rosie Costume
my last instructable was a dud....sorry about that but here it is rosie.....made out of duct tape, card board, toobs, concrete pipe case things, pipe connectors, pressure gage, E.L. wire, copper spray paint, dark gray spraypaint, and alot of other stuff thats in my youtube here:
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andrewbaker3 years ago
uhhh....why does the sound keep going when the video ends? o.o also very nice
Roceifin (author) 4 years ago
omg dude! that thing is amzing! how did you do it! i need to make one!

lol naa
imrobot4 years ago
amazing. pure amazing.
Roceifin (author)  imrobot4 years ago
Spank you, spank you very much 0)