Bioshock Stained Glass Logo





Introduction: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

first thing i did was go on the internet got a piece of paper size BIOSHOCK logo i then measure it in cm and converted into scale on to the piece of cardboard shown. also this was my very firs stained glass piece i had to buy all the stuff to do it which was about $500 for all the stuff even the glass at just a stained glass store. they have kits you can buy i just got random stuff to start. i used a glass cutter, a glass grinder, copper tape, soldier and soldier pen and of coarse glass of your choice.

Step 1: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

second i got my glass and started to cut out the letters and the building shapes on the bottom.

Step 2: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

cutting out letters and buildings...

Step 3: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

started to soldier some of the buildings on bottom left.clean pieces in water and dry. to soldier the pieces together you have to wrap and copper tape around the edges of one of the pieces and then fold the rest on the the face and the back face. doing this to all of the pieces makes it so you can soldier them all together. make sure of your glass thickness when buying copper tape and the size of the piece you are doing meaning big art work thicker tape because it will be stronger..only soldier one face of whole artwork and then flip over and soldier back side of whole artwork when done easier and piece will be flatter. 

Step 4: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

bottom buildings soldiered and now finishing letters and soldiering letters

Step 5: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

buildings soldiered and letters soldiered ready to start on the background

Step 6: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

i started working left to right with this part. as you can see it is not easy to get it all in one piece things are going to break but that is why it is easy because you can just wrap it with tape and soldier them together lol

Step 7: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

soldiering random pieces as i go to make it easier so everything isn't moving around

Step 8: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

more background... 

Step 9: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

a little more its a slow process but the end result is great 

Step 10: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

more background...

Step 11: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

Step 12: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

background complete time to soldier my life away make sure you clean every piece with water before soldiering makes it go easier for taping

Step 13: Bioshock Stained Glass Logo

completed project all soldiered and ready to hang in your window. if you wanted to aswell you can buy c channel or u channel and soldier it around the whole edge of the piece and that will make it more stronger thanks for reading my step by step bioshock logo 




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    i love the style to and thank you one of my all time fav games

    thank you glad you like it

    I wonder if it would work with a bioshock infinite logo... Pretty awesome job though!

    It probably would work maybe that will be my next project lol or yours

    Really nice job! I agree with Lemonie that you should hold it up with some light behind it to show it off.

    i will take some pictures of it in the window soon just about to head out of town for a couple nigts but i will do it when i get back but thank you

    It looks like something that could have been seen in Rapture. Nice job.

    thank you and thanks for the comment