3D Printed Ultimate Biplane 10-300S (RC Plane)





Introduction: 3D Printed Ultimate Biplane 10-300S (RC Plane)

I have designed this plane from scratch using the software Catia. This plane was specificly designed for 3D printing, which means that it is very light (about 400 grams without electronics). There are .stl files of every part that is used on this plane (except the wooden beams - you have to buy them). To build this plane, you will need a 3D printer, some skills with building RC models, and a lot of time, but it is worth it.

Step 1: Creating the Digital Prototype

You don't have to do this, it is already done. It just for you to imagine how this plane was created.

Step 2: Print and Glue Together

Print the parts you need, assembly them together and glue. I used the epoxy, and it is perfect.

You will need:

  • 3D printer
  • epoxy
  • wooden beams (3x3 mm)
  • balsa (for ailerons)

Step 3: Coating

I have used the ironing foil Oracover. Top is transparent red, and the bottom is pure black.

You will need:

  • Ironing foil
  • sharp knife
  • flat-iron

Step 4: Finish

There is also an idea how to box this plane when you need to travel with this plane. You wil need a huge box (I guess this one is from some graphic plotter).

Step 5: Fly and Enjoy

Nobody is perfect....

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4 Questions


Could not find aileron stl files?


Also i need dimensions?


I need help..Is anybody there?


I could not find a piece hinge of rudder.
Or which one i can use?




But it is not easy to find parts in the list of stl files. So can you send me complete project of part files please?
Thanks a lot... evrengoroglu@gmail.com

You mean type of camera?

Whoa, I am so happy. I still can`t believe it :)

Neither can I! :)

That is so cool! Congrats on the result from the hard work!

Moc pěkná práce, pane! :-)

very nicely done! other than the crash, does the frame hold up well to repeated landings and such? or does it need a pretty delicate hand?

1 reply

The frame is pretty stiff, it handles hard landings very well. Also this crash is not so serious, only front of the plane was damaged, so it was quite easy repairing.

Amazing build and beautiful design, cheers!

Great job. Very interesting construction. If I can ask, are You from Slovakia?

I am from Poland.


1 reply

Yes, I am from Slovakia

This is really impressive!

I've never seen a fully completed RC plane made with 3D printed parts like this.

If you felt inclined, separating the photos out into multiple steps with a bit of text in each to cover the construction processes involved, that would be so awesome!! :)

2 replies

Yes, you are right. This is my first instructable, so I am just getting into it. I will separate them to steps

No worries! My first instructable many years ago looked very similar, and someone gave me the same basic suggestion.

I've dabbled in scratch-building rc places, so this really piqued my interest. Looking forward to seeing the details :)