I have been meaning to make a feature shelf for a while now, but have never found time to start, so when I saw the Shelf competition on Instructables I thought it a good time to have a go.

My basic Idea was to make a set of two shelves centered around a theme, that being a Bi-Plane. I started with a basic idea, however the finished model differs slightly from my original design in that I gave the wings more shape and added an undercarriage.

From the pictures you can see my son holding the shelf up with some of his Lego figures wing walking just before I applied the Linseed Oil finish.

Please read on and you will see what I mean, and if you like the instructable please take the time to vote in the coming competitions - It would be greate to win tools like saws and lazer cutters etc - they all help make the taks of making small intricate parts a lot simpler and accurate, but the real fun in doing creating these guids is being able to make something that you and hopefully others like, Thanks for looking and if you have time please take a look at my other guides.

I also have another themed shelf listed (Train Self) at https://www.instructables.com/id/Train-Shelf/

I also have a Web site with other ideas and downloadable designs on at www.handycrafted.net

Step 1: The Start of an Idea

I started the design very professionally. That is I sketched it on a napkin along with a couple of other ideas. I decided that the Biplane offered a better look so moved on to Trimble Make (formally Google Sketchup) to design something that looked the part - you can see the design in the photos attached as well as on the following video.

I have also uploaded the design file to the 3d Warehouse so you can grab a copy if you wish. (see Link)


<p>wow, really nice work. great attention to detail!</p><p>thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>that is an absolutely fantastic project idea for a young kid! and you can make it as big or small as you want! and very nice work on the added detail of the engine cylinders sticking out. </p><p>congrats and very well done!</p>
<p>Thanks for the support - It was a really nice object to make </p>
This is neat!
<p>Thanks for the appreciation</p>

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