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Introduction: Kne'x Plane

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Hi everybody, in this instructable I will show you how to make an awesome K'nex Biplane. It takes up a lot of pieces but the result is worth it. Have fun building!

Step 1:

In the first photo are the pieces you need for this step.

Step 2:

Now put the green bendy rods in the places needed.

Step 3:

The first picture shows the pieces you will need for this step and the next one. The motor has to have batteries or it wont turn the propeller at the end!

Step 4:

Make this thingamajig in the 1st picture and attach it to the thing with the motor.

Step 5:

Now attach the thing with the motor to the unfinished plane like shown in the pictures.

Step 6:

Follow the pictures.

Step 7:

Place the thing in the second photo onto your plane like shown in the 3rd picture. And for the yellow sticks on one end you snap them into the blue connectors and slide them into the holes like shown in the 4th photo. Refer to the notes.

Step 8:

Make the tail(one part of it.)

Step 9:

Make the propeller and don't forget the spacers.

Step 10:

Make the wings.

Step 11:

Now make the rod-thingy that kinda holds the wings together.

Step 12:

Now make the tail flaps and the rod that holds them together and you're done!!!



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