Create a Flask out of Paper Birch Bark

Step 1: Peel the Bark From Your Victim

Use a sharp Box cutter to score the bark in a long straight line down the stick.

Use a knife slowly separate the bark from the branch. then Scrape any left over material off the bark with the knife

In a word... AWESOME!!!!!!
Very nice , is it watertight or would you have to add some wax , or keep it wet to make t swell shut? I remember doing something like this at scout camp years and years ago
It's currently not watertight, but I would use parafin to seal this
could you fire the inside of it like they do wine barrels to make it water tight?
the barrels are fired for flavor not to seal them... barrels are sealed through swelling and a reed leaf betwen the wood
Ah, well then never mind about the firing then
My intent wasn't to make it watertight, I'm storing lead bullets in it. My understanding of wine barrels, is that the liquid swells the wood, which causes a tighter joint over time.
To make this watertight, 1. dont lace the joint. 2. Make the edges overlap by at least half the circumference 3. Use Hide glue to secure the bark - Make hide glue, by boiling animal skin (deer etc). - Hide Glue is still commonly used anything that lasts 400 years must not suck. 4. Make sure the wood/bark joint is as tight as possible, I'd probably use hide glue on that joint as well, 5. line the inside with paraffin, or bees wax
fav. 5*'s :)
coolio, iv got to make one of these, i agree with lemonie verry ray meares.
i've been on some Ray mears corses they were great fun!
Your muzzle loader hobby sounds interesting. Where can I learn more about that? I love the antler ball holder. Hobbies that lead to making your own accessories are the best.
First off I live in Montana where this hobby is common. I belong to a local club where I use the gear I make on a monthly basis, so I need it to actually work. If the gun thing is not your cuppa tea, you could always try the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sca.org">SCA</a> for similar, hobbie/accessories relationship<br/>
doesnt the water taste bad?
read the note on the last photo on step 2
Yes, lead + drinking water, not so good. I'm actually not sure what I will eventually put inside this container.
for a more natural finish to make it water tight, try using pine sap and smear it all over, then let it harden in the sun.
Beats the pants off my pickled-onion fork... Excepting the nails, this is very Ray Mears. (nice) L
Thar's neat, i like learning things like this. Never know when something like this can come in handy.

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