This is an instructable of making a bird bath in one minute.

The reasons were...

  1. I made this because there are a few wild birds flying around and sometime land in trees near the house. Also, it serve as a place where they can have a drink.
  2. It is the first time that I did this instructable for the wild life.The instructable is out of my comfort zone.

Step 1: The Items

  1. A plate planter
  2. A bottle of water

Step 2: The Location

  1. Firstly, I pick a tree that the birds usually hang around.
  2. Then, I select the branches that can hold the plate sturdy.
  3. I make sure that the branches that hold the plate is high up so that it is difficult for any predators to hunt the birds.

Step 3: The Bath

  1. I pour the water into the plate.
  2. Lastly, I adjust the plate so that the water level in the plate.


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<p>We have some evergreen bushes next to our deck, and I have a couple bird feeders for the dozens of birds that hang out in the bushes... never thought of putting a bird bath in the branches. Thanks for the idea and how-to, and good luck with the contests -- I voted for you in all 3! </p>
Thanks for voting and commenting :-)
<p>Ahh...while working in your garden you can hear birds in harmony. Really cool!</p><p>Voted!</p>
Thanks for voting and commenting.
<p>Those birds will be happy!</p>
Free bath, free drinks, free foods (insects and bugs in the garden), free accommodations (sleep in trees safe from predators), etc...<br>A FIVE STARS resort for wild birds!<br>I wish I got that in the human world, LOL :D<br>Thanks for commenting.

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