Bird Cage Out of a Fan





Introduction: Bird Cage Out of a Fan

Hi guys! I'm going to show you how to turn a broken fan into a beautiful bird cage

Step 1: Fan

Take an old or broken fan and start taking it apart

Step 2: Scissor

Take a scissor and cut the cord of the fan

Step 3: Parts

Now these are the parts you're going to use of the fan

Step 4: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Get a stainless steel wire mesh with small holes 0.5 cm

Step 5: Measuring Tape

Bring a measuring tape and mark horizontally 1.30m and vertically 30cm

Step 6: Pliers

Take a pliers, remove the small parts on the fan grill and throw them away

Step 7: Cover

Take a plastic bucket cover, clean it and put it on the bottom grill

Step 8: Sewing

Now take the wire mesh and the bottom grill and start sewing them together using the fan cord

Step 9: Sewing

I bought two pieces so i'm gonna sew them together, you don't have to do this if you get 1.30m in length

Step 10: Scissor

Take the scissor and cut a square 16x16cm

Step 11: Door

Cut 20x20cm from the remain wire mesh to make a door

Step 12: Wire

Take a wire, cut it into 4 pieces, bend the pieces then use them to attach the door to the cage

Step 13:

Now take another wire, bend it's 2 sides and secure it on the door to use it to open and close the cage

Step 14: Sewing

Put the second grill on top of the cage and sew it with a cord exactly like you did to the bottom one

Step 15: Food Bowl

Take a bowl, make 2 close holes in the back using a scissor, take a wire and fix it in the bowl then attach the bowl inside the cage

Step 16: Water Dispenser

Now make a rectangular hole with the scissor and use a wire to secure the water dispenser

Step 17: The Swing

To make the swing take a long wire, bend it then take a paper and wrap it around the bottom part

Step 18: Tape

Take a wire tape and roll it around the paper

Step 19: Thin Cables

Take 2 thin cables, put them in the swing then attach the swing to the top grill of the cage

Step 20:

Make a perch with roling 2 wires together then rolling a cord around them

Step 21: Wood Perch

You can make a wood perch too by taking a small dry branch from a tree and putting it in the cage

Step 22: Newspaper

Put a newspaper at the bottom of the cage

Step 23: Food

Put food in the bowl

Step 24: Toys

Put toys in the cage

Step 25: Hanger

Take a bent wire and fix it on the top of the cage to make a hanger

Step 26:

Put the bird in the cage and that's it (^‿^).



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    The screen appears to be galvinized, which is deadly to birds. In addition to be far too small for any bird. Please do not do this.

    it's stainless steel not galvanized

    that cage size is only large enough for a canary at best and does nothing for its psychological health. captive birds need corners as a place to retreat to in times of stress. with the round cages being open on all "sides" without corners or a covering will lead to significantly increased stress and a shortened lifespan. I do hope if you plan on cage building for a bird do some real research into their particular needs as they are many and change with each species.

    i think that's a perfect cage for him plus i have a bird room and i let him fly out of the cage for some time, he is 5 years old now and he never had health problems or been stressed out.