Many people attract birds with commercial suet cake.  I make my own, see https://www.instructables.com/id/Feed-the-birds-with-DIY-cakes/, and made the feeders to hold the cakes.  The material dimensions shown below are for my cakes.  You may need to modify them for commercial cakes.

Drill & bits
Wire cutters
Stapler and staples
Tape Measure
Pencil & marker

2-1" x 1" x 7" 
2" x 9" x 1/4"
1/8" nylon cord..about 36" long
1/2" x 1/2" hardware cloth 7" x 14"

Step 1: Getting Started

Measure the hardware cloth and mark it with the marker.  Cut the 7" x 14" piece.  Freshly cut wire can be very sharp so be careful.   

Measure and cut the sides and the top.  

Measure 6" from one end of the piece of hardware cloth and mark it.  Use one of the uprights as a support and line up the mark on the hardware cloth with the edge of the block.  Bend the hardware cloth over the block to a right angle.   Flip the block and hardware cloth over and make another right angle bend so you have a U shape.

Loosely assemble the two sides in the formed hardware cloth.  Center the top over the uprights and mark the locations for the holes at the outside edges of the uprights.   Drill  holes just large enough for the cord.  

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