Bird Feeder





Introduction: Bird Feeder

I am very fortunate to say that at my house
I get up early morning only because of Birds singing
We have lot of variety of birds here
And its a great pleasure to listen to them.
I don't know What they say to each other in there own language

The day may not be far away , Man discovers and understand there language in future some where

I love nature, Due to hot summer days at my place
I thought some thing to do for thirsty birds

1) I took Ply (1 inch thick) 1.5 feet X 10 inches
2) Build a small hut from scrap ply pieces and Dry grass( Rice)
3) Kept water and some seeds for the birds in a plastic small container
Those Plastic containers are fixed to Ply by Wooden adhesive Paste,
so that it remains at position even if birds stands on the edge for eating and drinking water.
The complete assembly is fixed on a mango tree by two Screws

I enjoy them seeing drinking & feeding just look at the last 5 snaps, it's Amazing !
It's great pleasure to see them around !



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Cool bird feeder. It's so nice to wake up to the sound of birds singing.

Thanks ChrysN
It's very nice to hear that variety of singing !
and what will be that day , the Man understands there communications !

Sweet set-up!!!