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I have had growing problems with squirrels climbing the pole to my bird feeder and eating all the birdseed. I wanted to find a low maintenance and easy to install, permanent solution. The traditional baffles that look like a half circle don't always work, and lubing up the pole with Vaseline doesn't really seem too kind to the squirrel. After watching three of the little varmints climbing the pole hand over hand I remembered the "Flexi-Perch squirrel proof bird feeder" by billr that I had seen quite some time ago on instructables.

Step 1: Analyze The Situation

Picture of Analyze The Situation
This bird feeder is pole mounted, which makes it easy for the squirrel to climb the pole hand over hand.
foothillfrontier (author) 2 years ago
There is enough natural food around my house that it is not necessary to provide food for squirrels to keep them away from my bird feeder. Since installing the baffle I have not seen a single squirrel on my feeder.
darren13132 years ago
is it just me ? im not seeing how this works . regardless of what type oil or lube you put on the pole a squirrel is not only a climber but a jumper. the feeder is low enough to the ground they can stand under it and jump onto it. the feeder appears to be fairly close to a large tree a squirrel will climb out and dangle at the end of a limb and drop down from a hieght you would think he would get hurt but nope. the only way we keep squrrels out of the bird seed is to give them what they are after and that is the whole or cracked corn in a seperate feeder. throw in some sunflower seeds unless you let it get empty they rarely mess with the bird feeders. besides when winter comes birds are scarce and squirrels are just as fun to watch besides they are a good source of cheap tasty snacks since you have fattened them up on corn keep the population under control with a well placed pellet from pellet rifle. watch squirrels long enough and up close you will see they have a very unique indiviual personality.
foothillfrontier (author) 2 years ago
I'm not particularly worried about bigger animals, if any animal is determined enough the baffle won't work. The idea is to make it more work than it is worth so that they move on to easier meals.
briddle22 years ago
Won't the raccoons and other critters crawl up that PVC pipe with their claws
bpfh2 years ago
I just wet the pole with olive oil when a rat was eating the seed. Spent 10 minutes trying to climb up. I probably spent as long wetting myself (I'm evil !)
Nice and stylish solution to a pesky problem!!!
That's pretty clever, thanks for publishing this!