Step 8: Attach the Floor

Connect floor to wall with door side up.  Begin inserting and arranging sticks from walls into the natural "holes" in the floor.  This will take contemplative arranging to keep the walls rounded and relatively straight, with full expansion of house.  Next use jute to connect and pull floor taut to walls in an reinforcing "x" fashion.  (see photo).
<p>What an wonderful design. Birds are important for permaculture. Perching birds are superb seed dispersers and can bolster plant diversity on their own. Researchers found that by providing perches in a field, the number and variety of seeds brought by birds skyrocketed. If we offer the birds a few shrubs for perching, they&rsquo;ll introduce many new plant varieties on their own.</p><p>Nayima</p><p>www.ranchodelicioso.com</p>
I love permaculture... gonna try it at my next house... will only be at this one about two more years and only have 1/4 acre... This birdhouse fits perfectly into the theme of permaculture... <br>
I LOVE This design!<br>It's exactly what I would love in my yard.<br><br>Have you seen the birds using it yet?<br><br>Nicely done!
it didn't go up until almost Fall. now it's winter. we probably won't know until spring.
Outstanding! Simple, beautiful, functional, cheap, and using sustainable materials.<br>

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