I had to make 3 parrot masks for Halloween this year, so I thought I'd make an Instructable since I had to pretty much come up with this on my own: there are a couple of similar masks on MarthaStewart.com, but otherwise not a lot of ideas out there.. Here goes! hope you can use this as a springboard for your brilliant ideas!

Step 1: Begin With Modeling Magic

First you need:
a nice mask - one that is sturdy enough to hold some weight, and takes hot glue (about $3.00 at the craft store - the cheaper ones are probably too flimsy for this project)
Modeling Magic. It's from the craft store as well. It comes in colors, but I spray painted mine for a nice finish
hot glue and glue gun
felt in favorite colors (brights for parrots, black for crows, browns and greys for owls)
surface to work on
something like a rolling pin to use while clay is drying.

FIrst, roll out the modeling magic to about 1/4" thick - thick enough to be able to mold it nicely without cracking, but not so thick that it adds too much extra weight. If you've never worked with Modeling Magic, it is a lightweight material that air dries after 24 hours. Pretty nice to work with.

Shape the Modeling magic into a roughly triangulated shape. I think it looks like a manta ray. The Modeling Magic is very pliable, but it is NOT easy to ADD material too without creating lines. If you make a big mistake, just roll out another piece and start again. I rolled out a piece that was too large (about 6" wide by 8" long) so that I could cut back rather than add to.

take the manta ray, and fold it in half. Pinch the fold together, then open it back up. This will give you a rather "parrot-like" ridge on the beak.

If you need to make more than one, like I did, you can also put the clay on top of another piece to use as a pattern and cut it out. You can use a knife or scissors. Scissors seem to work nicely on this stuff.
<p>Thanks so much for your idea and instructions! I have wanted to make a proper bird mask, but have never figured it out on my own. I think now I may be able to create a mask of any kind of bird.</p>
Good luck! I think you will have fun with this little project!
<p>I'm working on it now, and hopefully it will turn out nice enough to upload a finished pic. One difference I noticed though, was working with the modeling magic. I had never worked with it prior to this project. It's *very* soft. There was no way I could try on the mask or hold it up to view from all sides to ensure evenness, as it would immediately start sagging and drooping wherever it wasn't being held. Maybe I got a bad pack? Or should I have let it sit out for a bit before working with it?</p><p>Basically, I just molded it directly onto the mask, adding paper towels and random objects to help keep its shape. (green was on clearance but I was going to paint it anyway so grabbed it!)</p>
thanks for looking at my instructable! It looks like you worked too large for the material - too much weight for it to hold the structure. If It is the shape you want, once it dries, it will probably be fine. Otherwise, I would start again. You might be able to cut it down as an option. My beaks were shorter, so the material held up. good luck!
Thank you for your idea! I just finished a mask for my daughters costume. She loves it and she told me that we should thank you :-) LOL
I really like this. It looks really nice and polished at the end without being really complicated or expensive. Very nice job!
congratulations on posting your first instructable! you did an amazing job.

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