Bird Nest of Husk





Introduction: Bird Nest of Husk

This is an instructable of making a bird nest using a coconut husk.

The reason I did this instructable was there are a lot of wild birds hanging out and land on the trees around the house. Some of them making nest and laying eggs on the trees such as a pair of spotted dove laying eggs or weaver birds or Ploceidae making nest. The birds act as a pest control for my garden because they eat insects and bugs.

Then, it cross my mind, how about if I make one for them, as a helping hands and a token of gratitude towards wild life. It is an out of comfort zone for me.


Step 1: The Husk

There is only one item needs to do this instructable, which is a coconut husk(or half of it) and an empathy for wild life.

Step 2: The Branch

  1. Firstly, I survey a few branches on a good tree for a good spot for the nest.
  2. I make sure the location is high enough so that it prevent any predators from harming the birds and eggs.
  3. Then, I position the coconut husk securely on the selected branches.
  4. Now, I wait for the birds to come and make a nest of it.
  5. This instructable is so simple, even you can make it :-)


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