Picture of Bird Photography from a Blind
Birds can be skittish animals, which doesn't help us get photos of them. To get around this, I have started to shoot from a ground blind that I usually use during deer season. The results are astounding! The birds never know I'm there, which helps me get more natural photos. With a few easy steps you'll be a better bird photographer in no time!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You don't really need much to make a good blind for photography. These are some of the things that I use for setting it up and shooting from the blind:

-Ground Blind (either homemade or store bought)
-limbs for extra cover
-a comfy chair
-camera (of course!)

Other helpful things include:

-remote trigger

Step 2: Positioning

Picture of Positioning
   Although birds can be found all over the place, however places that have food and water near by usually have a higher density. Remember this when you are thinking about where you want to set up. Also, try not to set up too close to where the birds are, but also not too far away. If you set up too close you can spook them, and if you set up too far your camera may not be able to zoom in on the birds as much as you would like. Finally, look for possible lighting issues while looking for a place to put your blind down.

Step 3: Camouflage

Picture of Camouflage
   Most ground blinds come in a camo pattern, but I like to take to the next level by placing limbs and vines on my blind. I think that it really seems to break up the square shape of the blind. 

   Camo outside the blind is not the only thing that is important to consider when thinking about concealing yourself from the birds. While in the ground blind it is a good idea to where  dark clothes. Light colors give a good contrast against the black interior of the blind, which makes it easier for the birds to detect your movements.

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