I have had this idea in my head for years, and just got time to try it. I purposely didn't look for other solutions on the web, as I had thought about this so much that I didn't want my ideas "tainted". I don't know how well these will work to scare the bird away from my newly planted corm and pumpkin seeds, and the corn when it comes in, but it was great to finally put it in action.

The idea was to cut the CD into pieces, then sandwich twine between two pieces (label inside, shiny side out) with epoxy to hold it together. So, for each reflector I wanted 2 CD pieces, and I was going to put about 6 reflectors on each line, with enough twine on one end to tie it onto wherever it would hang.

An hour of work and $4 worth of epoxy later (with everything else being stuff I have left over) and I think they turned out nicely.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- I have saved up a stack of old software install CDs from work (you may notice in other photos that they are MS enterprise stuff). As mentioned in the intro, for each reflector I wanted 2 CD pieces. With 6 reflectors on a line, and making 6 lines, I cut about 80 pieces from 12 CDs.
- I also had some leftover dollar store synthetic twine.You can see this cut and used in step 3.
- Lastly, I like working with Loctite instant mix epoxy. They come with two auto mix nozzles, and I usually don't need the whole tubes, so that works well. I used both some left over 1-minute for the first few sets, then opened a new 5-minute pack to give me a little more time to work on the rest and get some good photos. 

- Straight cut tin snips or some other tool to cut the CDs. The CDs are very brittle, so scissors probably won't work. A bandsaw might. Experiment and see what works for you. A laser etcher/cutter would be very nice to do this!!!!!
- Some kind of power sander, if you want to get rid of the point edges. Or you could just snip them off, which wouldn't give as smooth of a result but will lessen the sharp points.
- Scissors or something to cut the twine. 
- Something to hold down the ends of the twine for the setup before glueing. I used old marble samples. Clamps and weights could also work.
- Something to hold the pieces sandwiched with the line. I used the marble samples and some weights.
<p>Brilliant! We've had a problem with Swallows sitting outside our bedroom window at 4am chattering away..... hung one of these from the guttering and they haven't come anywhere near us now. Thank you!!!!</p>
Hi , I am from Britain and have used old CDs a bird scarers for quit a few years now . My method is fasted a length of twine between two vertical poles, one each end of the rows of plant to protect. thread twine trough the cds, individually, and and tie securely leaving a 'tail' of twine about 2 feet long. on each disk. Tie the end of the tail to the horizontal twine between the poles spacing them 2-3 feet apart. the will revolve in the wind and the flashing effect caused by the revolving has proved very effective against every English gardeners'flying pest the the Wood pigeon.
Very smart! I like that they'll be able to move around much more than the larger full CDs - hopefully that will make them more effective. :D

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