Bird Taxidermy (WARNING:Not for the easily offended, overly squeamish, holier that thou, fuss-bucket.)

Picture of Bird Taxidermy (WARNING:Not for the easily offended, overly squeamish, holier that thou, fuss-bucket.)
This is an instructable inspired by canida's mouse/rat taxidermy. For more information on detailed taxidermy, go search "mouse taxidermy" and you'll probably find it.

to start off, I would like to say:

THIS IS GRAPHIC, THIS HAS GUTS, THIS HAS DEAD (and live) ANIMALS, so please, keep the comments on topic and dont stray into the purely bashing morality.

I will accept moral standings, because I believe in freedom of speech, but please... be mature. if not, you will be bashed with a twinkie.
thankyou, and enjoy. :)

Step 1: Getting your items

Picture of Getting your items
you will need cotton balls, borax/cornmeal mixture (for absorbancy), scissors, nail scissors, exacto knives (or box cutters, anything really sharp), wire, thread, a needle, and a dead bird.

oh, and chickens. but they're optional. you'll see later.
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EdwardC6 made it!3 months ago

great tutorial, made my own with a stock dove which fell from the sky

callae.wilcox5 months ago

This was fascinating and very clear and easy to understand! You make great tutorials! I would love to try this, but don't know if I have the guts to try. You are impressive! Have you thought of going in to Medicine or Vetenary? Thank You for this great post, more please!!!

avalonp310 months ago

Will tis still work if the birds neck is broken? because the bird i have flew into a window and broke its neck....

BernadetteS11 months ago





lanerenner10 months ago


how do i reanimate a dry wing to fan it out

lafink made it!1 year ago

I found your how to brilliant to get tips on how to taxidermy a chaffinch. First attempt and I'm surprised I didn't make a total pigs ear! Made a blog with some very graphic pictures here


Thanks for sharing your work!

photo 3.JPG
iamrusky1 year ago

if i wanted to stuff my bird, but i would like to remove the skull do you have any suggestions on how to remove the skull or would that be a bad idea?

tlelzy1 year ago

hey im new to this but never seen a bird mounted this way how do you pose it with out bone or form or wire

htrøan2 years ago
Don´t you wash it and dry it before you do anything more? I have seen something about that on TV.
I am trying to find out as much as possible to try to make my first of a bird I found today.
what advice would you have for some body who wanter to preseve the bones as well?
Zrcalo...do you sell your completed works? If so, what is the price? I'd like to start making various dioramas with various small taxidermy but don't want to do the taxidermy myself if possible. Thanks!
Zrcalo (author)  mholsinger-stitt2 years ago
My e-mail is zrcalos@gmail.com if you're interested in purchasing some.
I have a baby chick I did a while ago I might sell. I also occasionally sell on ebay. If anyone is interested in some pigeons I will probably sell them starting @ $40 ea. Depending on colour, etc. I can also do some house sparrows for $35ea. None will have eyes, as glass eyes are a bit pricey but if you just want them for crafts and stuff, totally willing to do some skins for people.
phunyfarm3 years ago
Whoops! I just stuck a bluebird my cats killed in cornmeal for six weeks.

The cats had eaten most of the insides, the exterior looked good enough for a first try. I AM COMPLETELY AMAZED @ the results.
Was looking for tips on wiring, was so excited w/ my leetle experiment I HAD to tell somebody..... I'll try this way when I get the guts to kill a cardinal just for me.
This is a fun way to decorate, just fun period Weird huh???
Zrcalo (author)  phunyfarm3 years ago
If you live in the united states, bluebirds and cardinals are 100% illegal to own and kill.
Did not know that. It makes sense. My 20# barn cat cannot be held accountable. We do call him Ambush though...Thanks for the info..
bbuckley14 years ago
Good post, however it is important to note that state and federal game law should be followed when choosing a species to taxidermy. Inca doves may be everywhere but they can not legally be "taken" by hunters or anyone. These birds are protected under the migratory bird treaty act and should not be a choice for taxidermy unless you have a species collection permit. Rock doves (pigeons) are a perfect choice. They are exotic and invasive species that have very few predators and are free to be harvested throughout the US (as long as you don't shoot them with a shotgun in town).
Zrcalo (author)  bbuckley13 years ago
:) I am well aware of this! My college professor has a license to collect and own native specie birds with my university. We were practicing taxidermying certain species in his collection. He had many inca doves so that was my practice specimen.
IRtaxi3 years ago
wouldnt it be easier if you used the bones for stuffing?
Zrcalo (author)  IRtaxi3 years ago
Bones do not have the muscle structure on them.. Also you want the stuffing to be soft and maleable.
IRtaxi IRtaxi3 years ago
such as he kull mostly?
instead of putting cotton could you sew it 3 quarters of the way or so then spray insulation foam in it?
Zrcalo (author)  hunterdude10243 years ago
I wouldnt use insulation foam because it is sticky and expands too much... you would have a very difficult time getting the right form for the bird and keeping the feathers from getting icky.
lmao this made me laugh so hard... just picturing the poor bird over puffed with spray foam... I don't have an answer for you though but im assuming no because it dries hard, does it not? again- totally uneducated guess here lol but I kinda hope it works.
Thank u for making this!!! I'm a VERY armature taxadermist. Did u take out the skull? Or just try your best to hollow it out?
Zrcalo (author)  Canadacupcakekiller3 years ago
:) I hollowed it out and left the skull in.
fcote13 years ago
Fernand Cote · Employer at Self Employed (Business)
Specialized in Skinning - Meat cut & Wrap - Fleshing - Tanning - Taxidermy. http://www.mastertaxidermist.ca

Seeing your display was nice experience to be added towards my works. Thanks.
I got interested in it when I found a dead bat; taxidermed and mounted it:

Now looking for ideas on how to do it properly. Thanks for the well illustrated 'ible!
Is thet were the foots meant to be?!?!
And there's the chicken eating the bird... WAIT WHAT!?!?!?
You need a MASSIVE Nobel prize either way.
There's that chicken that could be headless if I was there
Umm are you a girl cause I saw nail polish. If you are then you deserve a Nobel prize.
At first I thought that you were holding a gun to it's chest!
If the chicken is in the way chop of it's head it's easier (except for the nerves making It run around smashing into stuff)
Who the hell would want to learn how to stuff a bird!!!!
anyone who shoots a nice bird and doesnt feel like paying a professional to do it great instructible i will try
Loveofchaos JMB8 years ago
dove season opened today! i might have to try this, hope a shotgun wont mutilate the bird too badly
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