Picture of Bird Feeder from recycled drink bottle.

This type fo bird feeder can be made from a plastic recycled drink bottle and a plastic lid or food container.  Any size drink bottle can be use as most of them have a one inch bottle cap.  Note, squirrels will eat the bottle to get to the food.

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Step 1: Drill one inch hole

Picture of Drill one inch hole

Using a one inch wood drill bit like the one shown here with the two small cutting edges, drill a one inch hole in your lid or food container.  With a little practice you can make a nice clean hole.

Step 2: Melt holes in bottle

Picture of Melt holes in bottle

Using a small soldering iron, melt about eight 3/8 in holes near the top of the bottle.  These holes are for the seed to feed out of the bottle.  Melting the holes seems to work much better than trying to drill them.  Melting leaves a somoother hole than a drilled one.

Step 3: Install wire or string hanger

Picture of Install wire or string hanger

Melt a very small hole in the bottom of the bottle and pass a wire through the hole and out the top of the bottle.  Bend a small loop in the wire to keep it from pulling back through.  Put a large loop on the other end of the wire to hang the feeder.
cplemons2 years ago
Love it.
Very nice idea, and clear instructions - I'm going to share this with a poultry group, as a possible chicken feeder also! Thanks.
Wow great idea. I feed birds everyday and some of my bird feeders broke. They are expensive at the store and your idea has giving me a chance to try and make one. Thanks
WORDWYTCH2 years ago
iT is simple to add perches. Just burn holes with the soldering iron the size of a dowel, bamboo stick, chopsticks or small branches from a tree and run them through the bottle to another hole on the other side. Voila! perches!
azebra54 years ago
Thank you for this method. My grandkids will love this and its a project they can share with all their contacts. They can add them to my yard too as they don't have trees in theirs.
i just got done making this and i love it.
it's so crafty and a great way to recycle trash.
This looks like the birds would have a very difficult time landing on the lid without skidding around.  Have you seen any birds eating from these?
Bill3232 (author)  AngryRedhead5 years ago
It is not a problem,  I have made hundreds of these using all types of lids and food containers and birds flock to them.  You will often see them eating what has spilled onto the lid.     Bill
You need a better title.
Bill3232 (author)  Mister_Caipirinha5 years ago
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meddler5 years ago
My son saw me looking at this and wants to to build one. We'll give it a try tomorrow.