Introduction: Bird Feeder of Recycled Plastic - Pesebre Para Pájaros

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The concept is so simple that it doesn't need much explaining

El projecto es tan simple que casi no necesita explicación

Step 1: Some of the Tools You Need.

Picture of Some of the Tools You Need.

What do you need : 1 plastic soda bottle and 1 plastic 5l container, both clean of course. And some wire.

You can do everything with a very pointy and sharp knife, but preferably use :

1. your sharp knife 2. a hacksaw 3. a wire cutter 4. a drill for metal

Step 2: That's What We Are Going to Make :

Picture of That's What We Are Going to Make :

With the knife you cut away the front of the container, make sure to leave a few centimetres so that it keeps its strenght as you can see on the  picture.

Step 3: The Little Bottle

Picture of The Little Bottle

We have to cut the bottom of the little bottle and position it under the cap of the container, so we can use this to fill it with bird seeds.

Like a said, you can use your knife, but it is better to use a hacksaw.

When you want the bottle to keep its strenght it is best to only saw one centimetre from the bottom..

First saw halfway and then turn the bottle bit by bit.

Step 4: How Do We Position the Little Bottle Into the Big One ?

Picture of How Do We Position the Little Bottle Into the Big One ?

First you have to decide what type of seeds you want to put in it.

Bigger seeds like peanuts and sunflowers need an opening of 2 cm to come out of the bottle, but tiny seeds need less then 1 cm.

Hold the little bottle at the desired height inside the big one and hold it to the light of a window or lamp, then it is very easy to see where you have to make the two little holes to fix it with a wire.

Be sure that you position the little bottle under the cap of the big one so you can open this to fill it up.

Step 5: Making the Holes

Picture of Making the Holes

Better to put something under this before drilling.

And you can make some little holes in the bottom too,
when the rain gets in ....

Step 6: Fix the Little Bottle Inside the Big One

Picture of Fix the Little Bottle Inside the Big One

With a wire cutter you cut a piece of wire.

Put the wire round the narrow part of the bottle and put it through the holes,
turn round and FIXED

Step 7: Filling

Picture of Filling

You only have to fill it up (using the neck of another bottle).

and put it where you want, fix it with some wire if needed.

Step 8: Action

Picture of Action

Half an hour later the birds are feeding.


sgecas (author)2015-12-07

fabulouse! thanks for sharing

Fleder (author)2014-02-20

If you put the sawed off bottom part of the little bottle unterneath the top part of the bottle, the feed won't be all around the ground of the bird feeder.

but really great idea, if the plastic won't break down.

Mr_Liss (author)2014-01-17

I love it.

judiquer (author)2014-01-13

Just be careful - many types of plastic break down easily in the sun, especially the type like that 4L jug (1 gallon). Plastic can break off in very small pieces and be consumed by the should investigate the types that last longest and try to ensure good shade

zaksken (author)judiquer2014-01-13

don't exaggerate, this plastic is PP or PE so, if you know anything about it ....

Pat Pending (author)2014-01-13

The simplest concepts are often the cleverest - QED!

jimmitchell1943 (author)2014-01-12

lol...hey jessyratfi...looks like the cat you are holding likes the cute little guys also...

jessyratfink (author)2014-01-12

This is an awesome use for old bottles, and lookit those cute little guys! :D

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