Picture of Bird feeder of recycled plastic  -   Pesebre para pájaros

The concept is so simple that it doesn't need much explaining

El projecto es tan simple que casi no necesita explicación

Step 1: Some of the tools you need.

Picture of Some of the tools you need.

What do you need : 1 plastic soda bottle and 1 plastic 5l container, both clean of course. And some wire.

You can do everything with a very pointy and sharp knife, but preferably use :

1. your sharp knife 2. a hacksaw 3. a wire cutter 4. a drill for metal

Fleder1 year ago

If you put the sawed off bottom part of the little bottle unterneath the top part of the bottle, the feed won't be all around the ground of the bird feeder.

but really great idea, if the plastic won't break down.

Mr_Liss1 year ago

I love it.

judiquer1 year ago

Just be careful - many types of plastic break down easily in the sun, especially the type like that 4L jug (1 gallon). Plastic can break off in very small pieces and be consumed by the birds....you should investigate the types that last longest and try to ensure good shade

zaksken (author)  judiquer1 year ago
don't exaggerate, this plastic is PP or PE so, if you know anything about it ....

The simplest concepts are often the cleverest - QED!

lol...hey jessyratfi...looks like the cat you are holding likes the cute little guys also...

This is an awesome use for old bottles, and lookit those cute little guys! :D