Picture of Birdhouse Maintenance
I build birdhouses as a hobby and keep quite a few active birdhouses in my yard. Proper maintenance is important for the good of the birds and to ensure your enjoyment of the houses.
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Step 1: Semi-Annual Clean Out...

Picture of Semi-Annual Clean Out...
At least once a year, but preferably twice a year the birdhouse needs to be cleaned out. Tap on the house and listen for activity inside. Carefully shine a flashlight inside to make sure there aren't eggs or chicks inside. Always look from the corner of the house diagonally in through the hole as a startled bird may fly straight out. Once you are sure the house is not in use, open whatever hatch is provided and pull out the old nesting material. Use gloves and wash thoroughly afterwards.

Step 2: Inspect the bird house for saftey hazards...

Picture of Inspect the bird house for saftey hazards...
While the house is still open, inspect it for hazards. Check for splintered wood that might scratch a chick's eye or loose nails. Looks for signs of wasp nests and other insect invaders. If the house is attached to another structure, inspect the hardware attaching it and make sure it is still sturdy. Take the nest down if you want to discourage off season nesting. I have active nests ten months out of the year, so I don't do this. Close the hatch for next season.

Step 3: The importance of inspecting the bird house entrance...

Picture of The importance of inspecting the bird house entrance...
Beware of bird houses with enlarged entrances, especially if there are signs of chewing. Remove and repair (if possible) all bird houses with enlarged entrances because a predator has turned the nest into his food pantry. Leaving such a nest in use will only create a cycle of doom for the parents. A new piece of wood or metal with the proper sized hole can be placed over the damaged area or the house can be taken down and used for decoration instead.
AZApple1 year ago
The white, stenciled flowers on one bird home I saw somewhere up there is a FANTASTIC idea! I like painting the outsides of my houses sorta cute-like with vines on the house or designs and colors of different nationalities, but the WHITE design serves the double purpose of disguising any poopies under the front door. Brilliant!
cheapchuck (author) 6 years ago
I will get to work on the $2 birdhouse this weekend. Although I have built many, I have never taken pictures along the way. The $2 birdhouse uses a 5 or 6 foot long 6' wide dog-eared cedar picket, available for less than $2. Make sure the pickets are not stained or treated. It makes sense to buy at least two pickets and make the cuts for two at a time. You'll also need wood glue and some 1 &1/2 inch brads.
Nice job, looks fantastic. Thanks a lot. I will try at the weekend... Let's make more nests to the animals around us so that we can leave them some space to live on earth beside us. P.S. It would be great if all of us put some water pots in front of our houses so that animals can drink it.
I agree with your sentiment. Thanks! In addition... most birdies like a wide, shallow area to drink because they can also bathe in the dish. Doves HAVE to have shallow drinking water. I don't know why but it's one of those things that has been drilled into my head from qualified sources over the years. My, and I don't know why I assume this, is that those birds would prefer a wide "lip" on the water basin. Idunno, it just makes sense to me. :-)
BillyBlue5 years ago
Dont forget drainage holes
Tom Buckey6 years ago
ive benn told to put the bird house somewere tucked away like on a bushy tree .ect. and ive made my own bird box wich is very close to some bird feeders..... bad idea because i have a bluetit family nesting there then a greattit started to attack the family so ive move the nest.
cheapchuck (author)  Tom Buckey6 years ago
I don't have much expression with birdhouses in the vicinity of birdfeeders because I don't feed birds in my yard. There are plenty of seniors in the area, and many of them do the opposite of me; they have feeders, but have no birdhouses. I like to put the birdhouses somewhere that is shaded, has some cover, and is high enough off the ground to discourage cats and squirrels. Good Luck!
sorry i didnt move the nest i ment the box
Fanny Fink6 years ago
I wish the making of the nest would have been told here. Anyway an idea of having a birdhouse is fantastic. Thank you.
cheapchuck (author)  Fanny Fink6 years ago
foobear6 years ago
Neat! I had no idea. I can't wait to build my own birdhouse. Yay!
cheapchuck (author)  foobear6 years ago
bikinearly6 years ago
I'm ready to build some birdhouses. Please post some ideas.Thanks
cheapchuck (author)  bikinearly6 years ago
Da_Fudge6 years ago