Picture of Birdhouse Nightlight

My friend recently had her first baby. In preparation for the nursery, she painted a lovely tropical tree and bird on the nursery wall. As part of my baby shower gift, I wanted to make a birdhouse nightlight for the nursery to hang from the tree.

Step 1: The Setting

Picture of The Setting

This is the tree painted on the nursery wall. In retrospect, the tree was more tropical than the birdhouse, but they ended up looking good together.


soo cute

boddhi15 (author)  Tinyshoetime1 year ago
It turned out pretty good.

How cute! I love it with the mural that's on the wall!

Yeah, she did a great job on mural. Thanks.
kenbob1 year ago

Great instructable! ( I immediately thought of the 'they might be giants' song "Birdhouse in your soul" ) which would be the ideal theme to the video of your build:)

Thanks for sharing!

boddhi15 (author)  kenbob1 year ago
I'm always looking for theme music while i work! Thanks.