Picture of Birdhouse Nightlight

My friend recently had her first baby. In preparation for the nursery, she painted a lovely tropical tree and bird on the nursery wall. As part of my baby shower gift, I wanted to make a birdhouse nightlight for the nursery to hang from the tree.

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Step 1: The Setting

Picture of The Setting

This is the tree painted on the nursery wall. In retrospect, the tree was more tropical than the birdhouse, but they ended up looking good together.

Step 2: The Plans

Picture of The Plans

I drew and cut out blueprints for the birdhouse. I needed two of each cut except the bottom.

I didn't include measurements because it's a pretty simple design, and easy to reproduce at whatever size you like.

If you like this design you can print the picture and zoom it to the size you desire.

Step 3: Materials

Picture of Materials

To make the birdhouse, I bought craft wood from a local craft store. including 1/8 inch plywood, and basa wood. In total it cost $9.

Step 4: Draw on the Cut Lines

Picture of Draw on the Cut Lines

Using a pencil, I lightly traced the paper cut outs onto the wood. Make sure to make doubles of each cut except the bottom piece, and make sure to leave space between cut lines (to account for the thickness of the saw blade). I always make an "X" on the side of the line to cut on, just to make sure I cut it right.

Step 5: Cut the Pieces Out

Picture of Cut the Pieces Out

I use a mitre box to cut the sides, roof and bottom pieces. It's a simple way to make straight cuts. However, the face and back were too big to cut in the mitre box. To cut the face, I used scrap wood and clamps along the cut line and sawed along the side of the wood. Don't cut the back plate yet.

Step 6: Sand the Sides Smooth

Picture of Sand the Sides Smooth

I used 100 grain sandpaper to smooth out the cut edges. When you first start, sand on the side with the rough cut, and sand front to back, not side to side. If you start side to side, it will pull off some of the larger splinters into the wood surface.

soo cute

boddhi15 (author)  Tinyshoetime1 year ago
It turned out pretty good.

How cute! I love it with the mural that's on the wall!

Yeah, she did a great job on mural. Thanks.
kenbob1 year ago

Great instructable! ( I immediately thought of the 'they might be giants' song "Birdhouse in your soul" ) which would be the ideal theme to the video of your build:)

Thanks for sharing!

boddhi15 (author)  kenbob1 year ago
I'm always looking for theme music while i work! Thanks.