My friend recently had her first baby. In preparation for the nursery, she painted a lovely tropical tree and bird on the nursery wall. As part of my baby shower gift, I wanted to make a birdhouse nightlight for the nursery to hang from the tree.

Step 1: The Setting

This is the tree painted on the nursery wall. In retrospect, the tree was more tropical than the birdhouse, but they ended up looking good together.

<p>soo cute</p>
It turned out pretty good.
<p>How cute! I love it with the mural that's on the wall!</p>
Yeah, she did a great job on mural. Thanks.
<p>Great instructable! ( I immediately thought of the 'they might be giants' song &quot;Birdhouse in your soul&quot; ) which would be the ideal theme to the video of your build:) </p><p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
I'm always looking for theme music while i work! Thanks.

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