Step 3: Use the X-Acto Knife to Cut Out the Eyes.

Note: This was challenging, for me at least. If you find that you've accidentally given the little birdies angry expressions (ha ha), then just cut out some more contact paper and cover the eyes. The mistake is hardly noticeable.
<p>I love this craft!But I added something to it, I cut out a wing and creased it so I can make it fly!:D Thanks for this amazing craft I'm following you now on Instrucables!</p>
That is adorable! <br> <br>never would have thought of it
Nice instructable but I would include the design into your instructable.<br> <br> As you say the unique thing about this ible that makes it different from others is the bird. But I can imagine that people won't be able to replicate this bird easily.<br> <br> That's why this ible would be alot better if a trace plan for the bird would be included. You can add it in word or in pdf save it and then add it to your ible just like you would do with a picture.<br> <br> Other then that great instructable! I'm going to make something for my wall to using contact paper. Don't know if I'll make an ible for it. There are many around here. But I'll surely post some pics :)<br>
That's a really good idea! I didn't know it was possible to add a PDF when I created this, but I will certainly do that soon and add it to my instructable. I would love to see pictures of whatever kind of contact paper wall decal you create. Thanks again for the tip!

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