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Note: Insurmountable technical difficulties: My problems with the physical prizes have been unending. I'm going to have to just give out memberships only. If I can get the physical prizes completed in a satisfactory way, I will contact the winners again. Thanks for your patience

Update: Hello world, no, I haven't forgotten. Did you know that there were 3,787 Instructables created here between March 20 and June 20, 2013? ...

Spring is here!  The sun is getting out of bed earlier.  The flowers are getting started and the birds are singing joyfully.

Let's celebrate Spring with a Birds contest.

Make anything at all relating to birds.  A piece of art with a bird in it, a bird house, bird feeder or something else entirely!  Anything at all, anything goes as long as it is in some way birdish. It can be any of the different styles of Instructable, either step-by-step, photo or video.

Contest begins: March 20, 2013
Contest ends:   June 20, 2013.

Updated: since participation is low so far, I am going to change the rules up a little bit.  Fewer prizes and more generalized less quirky categories.

5 First Place Prizes:   1 year pro membership, a patch, and a small handmade surprise gift mailed to you.
10 Second Place Prizes: 3 month pro membership and a patch

To enter just make an Instructable that in some way incorporates a bird or is related to birds in some way or another.  Since participation is so low, I am going to make it easy on everyone.  If you make something about birds, you will be automagically entered.  Write to me if you *don't* want to be included.

Good luck to all!

Here's some ambient background bird music to get you in the mood.

A Rube Goldbird Machine