How to Use Modge Podge on Canvas





Introduction: How to Use Modge Podge on Canvas

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I made this to decorate my coming baby girl’s room. Everything (birds, leaves, flowers, and tree), is cut from scrap booking paper then mod podged to canvas. For the tree I followed the basic shape of a wall decal I saw online. I found that it was easier to draw the branches if I used my elbow as a pivot point. To make it a little more personalized I added a couple butterflies using the same shapes from the butterfly pendants I’ve made.



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    First of all... congratulations! She is most certainly blessed to have such a talented father. This design looks great, and I wish you and your wife all the best for a safe and healthy arrival to your family. :)

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    Thanks alot. By the way, great job on that voodoo doll.

    Very nice. I'm sure your daughter (and wife) will love it.

    I agree, this is just brilliant! Simple yet very striking and wouldn't look out of place in an adult bedroom as well as a child's. What did you use for the substrate? Posterboard maybe?

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    It's a canvas from the craft store. Thanks for the comment.

    This is fantastic! I could see many people buying something like this at a high end store, so much more fun to make your own......and besides then it's from the heart. What an awesome dad you are!

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    Thanks. It was fun making it and now her wall aren't so bare.

    Congratulations! It looks great.

    Quite a bit different from your normal work but awesome as usual