Picture of Birthday Cake Inspired By The Movie
For my daughter's 5th birthday she wanted a cake inspired by the movie "Brave". She didn't have any specific design or plan in mind so I just winged it.

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Step 1: Come up with a design

Picture of Come up with a design
I like making sketches for almost anything I make/build before I build it. It keeps me focused on how I want the end result to look. It doesn't always come out exactly the same, but the basics are there.

Step 2: Mold the chocolate stones, Menhirs and tree trunk

Picture of Mold the chocolate stones, Menhirs and tree trunk
For this step I simply used Aluminum foil for a mold(mould) and then chopped and microwaved some melting chocolate until it was pourable, and poured warm chocolate into the foil.
  • A menhir (French, from Middle Breton : men, stone + hir, long[1]) is a large upright standing stone. Menhirs may be found singly as monoliths, or as part of a group of similar stones.

Stones and Menhirs:
I first crinkled the foil gently so there were creases running in all directions. I then made shallow pools out of the foil and poured the warm chocolate in them and put the foil and warm chocolate in a flat, horizontal space in the freezer until they solidified. If you have seen the movie, you'll understand the use of the Menhirs.

Tree trunk:
I crinkled the foil to where the creases were running in the same direction so as to simulate tree bark. make a shallow pool out of the foil and pour in the chocolate, just like the Stones and Menhirs step above.

After the trunk was cooled and popped from the mold I dipped a popsicle stick in some melted chocolate and ran it up and down the trunk repeatedly so as to roughen up the smooth surface of the trunk. I also drizzled some chocolate on the foil in random shapes so as to simulate branches and roots. I then broke the pieces off, dipped the popsicle stick in the warm chocolate and used it to glue the roots and branches to the trunk / log.

danlynne072 years ago
Nice cake. :)
CementTruck (author)  danlynne072 years ago
Thank you!
How awesome is that! Love cakes like this. :D