Birthday Cake Shot


Introduction: Birthday Cake Shot

It's surprising how much this shot really tastes like cake!  Somehow the combination of Frangelico, vodka, sugar, and lemon creates the experience of drinking cake.  And as yesterday was SelkeyMoonbeam's 21st birthday, what better reason to make it!  The shot tastes delicious on its own, but the real trick is to get to chase it quickly with the lemon.  Next time, I'll try citron vodka in place of the regular for more cakey goodness.

  • 1/2 shot Frangelico or other hazelnut liqueuer
  • 1 shot vodka (I prefer Tito's)
  • 1 slice lemon
  • Sugar (I used red sugar to be more celebratory!)

  • Run the slice of lemon around the edge of a shot glass.
  • Dip the edge of the glass and lemon in sugar.
  • Combine Frangelico and vodka in shot glass.
  • Take the shot, bite the lemon, experience the magic!



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    How do you put the candle in the glass ?

    I have to try this but only have vanilla vodka. I think I might be great!!

    Sounds awesome! What can you tell me about Frangelico liqueur? I've never had it before...

    2 replies

    Ooh, I should include that in the write-up. It's hazelnut liqueur. And it's amazeballs.

    Thanks! I just wanted to know in case I have to make a substitution. ;-)

    This is my favorite shot. I've been making it for friends for years! bar-tending is true alchemy.