Birthday Cake-how to Make a Candy Cake




Introduction: Birthday Cake-how to Make a Candy Cake

How to make a candy cake is what a topic we will learn today. It is a tradition that we eat birthday cake during our birthday. Our relatives or friends will send us a birthday cake. And we celebrate it together. But have you known how to make a paper cake and thought about making a candy cake as a gift.

Here how to make a candy cake is proceeded by folding. What the main material is not the flour and egg but the origami paper. Now let’s see how to make a paper cake.

Materials needed in making a candy cake
Origami paper
Scotch tape and glue

How to make a candy cake?
Step 1: fold the cake base
Fold a square paper in half; fold the up-down side to diamond shape; fold the redundant triangle inward to four small squares; then change the four small squares into two layers triangle shapes. Overlap the same two shapes by glue. Fold eight small triangles. Lay them vertically to the bottom, fixed by glue.

Step 2: the ending work
Fold two models like above and overlap them. Make the triangle into the arch. Fix them together with scotch tape. You can add flowers, candles or something else to decorate.

This is the way how to make a candy cake. Is it realistic? Learn how to make a paper cake and send one to your friend to see how the reaction is.



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