this is the 1st one i do so do not expect me to explain every thing but i will do it soon if you are interested
sorry for the unorganized pic but i was not thinking of publishing on the web :)
That's a nice project. <br> <br>If want to continue posting projects (and I hope you do, you seem to have great skill), make it a habit to pause frequently to take photographs of what you are making, all the way from first sketches to finished piece on display. <br> <br>You don't have to use all the photos, but you may regret missing a certain shot if you do not take them all.
i will keep it in mind to take pic on the next project <br> <br>thanks :)
<p>بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم </p><p>شكرا احمد عمل رائع </p><p>good work </p>
Hi <br>It is best to work with wood <br>Really great! <br>Grateful
jazak allah kher
bis·mil·lah<br/>bisˈmilə/<br/>exclamation<br/>1.<br/>in the name of Allah (an invocation used by Muslims at the beginning of any undertaking).
excellwnt hand scrolling work there mate. just out of curiosity what a biam allah. I know Allah is Islamic deity but is this a talisman or something?? thanks
Salaam, Could you please explain some steps, its very interesting
i will on the next project
رائعة :-)
شكرا :)
Totally beautiful! I tried doing such thing! very hard to have a steady hand!
just have it with the right tools and place then you will be able to do it.

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