This instructable covers how to create a bison ear/horn headband set . I created this design specifically for this website with the intent of making it simple to create and easy to follow.

You can use the same methods for other ear and/or horn sets. Make draenei cranial horns. A satyr's ears and goat horns. Deer antlers or bull horns. Add them to a hat or a wig instead of a headband. Or use a stiff headband instead of an elastic one. The variations are limitless.

Add a tail and fuzzy gloves and you have a very quick, easy, and comfortable costume for Halloween parties, children's plays, a cosplay costume, and so forth. You can even use it like a normal headband to keep you hair out of your eyes.

Step 1: Creating the Horns

The horns are to be carved from pink insulation Styrofoam and then papiermached to give a smooth surface before they are painted.

You will require: a sheet of polystyrene foam. It is used for insulating houses and is available in most hardware stores. Do *not* use the white packing Styrofoam as it is much too crumbly.

- draw a pattern for the horn shape. Google for images or draw it freehand. Make sure both horns are the same by drawing the pattern on a piece of cardstock and then tracing it.

- With a snap-off knife, cut out the shape. You will have a flat representation of your horns. Do not cut outside of the lines or cut out the shape crooked. Push the knife in straight and down.

- with the sharp knife (replace the blade if needed) trim off the edges of the horn. Cut off too little rather than too much. You can draw the shape of the horn on the non-drawn sides to use as a guide

- trim it down until it is a rough but complete horn shape. Next sand it with sandpaper or a sanding block to remove all of the remaining rough edges.

- Smooth then down well and compare them to make sure they are the same basic shape and size. They do not have to be exact, but the closer the better.

- mix up some papier mache using flour and boiling water. You want it to be as thick as cream soup. Tear up some old newspapers and throw away the machine cut edges. Papier mache the horns while still trying to keep them as smooth as possible. 2-3 layers is plenty.

You can perhaps skip the papier mache step and instead use gesso or something else. The intent is to provide a smoothable surface that paint can cling to.

- Sand the papier mache layer smooth - do not break past the paper layer. Then paint it with acrylics to your liking. And the horns are finished.
<p>Very good Instructable.</p>
Hey there, do you make these and sell them per chance?
perfect idea for carnival XD<br>had to kill an old orang-utan-toy for it and it became more of a ... comic version of a highland cattle, but thanks to your instructable it worked out surprisingly well ^_^<br>i added (thanks to looooong urang-utan-arms) a tail and a bell. et fini ^_^<br><br><br>
Beautiful! I must make something along these lines for my cow-collecting mother. Thanks for the great idea to make my mum a happy cow-thing for Xmas :)
Its Lambo!<br />

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