Bisquick Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Picture of Bisquick Melt-In-Your-Mouth Chocolate Chip Pancakes
 Everybody loves chocolate chips, creamy melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. So why not combine them for the ultimate treat? Plus it's fast and easy so the anyone in the family can do it!
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Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

Picture of Supplies You Will Need
 The supplies you will need:
    A griddle or skillet
    A large mixing bowl
    A spoon to mix with
    Cooking spray
    A spatula 
    Measuring cups
    Bisquick flour mix
    2 cups of the Bisquick flour mix
    1 cup of milk
    2 tablespoons of sugar
    2 teaspoons of baking powder 
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    and 1 cup of chocolate chips 

Step 2: Step One

Picture of Step One
Medium low temp.PNG
  Step One: 

Heat the skillet to a medium-low temperature, and pray with the cooking spray. It is wise to put a plate and the spatula near the skillet to have quick and easy access to both of these tools.  

Step 3: Step Two

Picture of Step Two
 Step Two:

 Mix the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.  (The Bisquick powder, the baking powder, the sugar, and the chocolate chips.)

Step 4: Step Three

Picture of Step Three
 Step Three:

Now mix the wet ingredients together. (The eggs, milk, and vanilla extract)

Step 5: Step Four

Picture of Step Four
 Step Four:

Stir the ingredients until there are no clumps remaining for an evenly smooth pancake.

Step 6: Step Five

Picture of Step Five
 Step Five:

Pour slightly less that 1/4th of a cup of batter onto the skillet.

Step 7: Step Six

Picture of Step Six
Step Six:

Cook on the skillet until bubbles form on the top of the pancake batter. 

Step 8: Step Seven

Picture of Step Seven
 Step Seven:

Flip over the pancake cleanly and evenly.

Step 9: Step Eight

Picture of Step Eight
Step Eight:

Wait until the edges are dry.

Step 10: Step Nine

Picture of Step Nine
 Step Nine:

Flip the now cooked pancake onto a plate, and repeat this process until you have enough to serve, or until the batter runs out. This amount of batter should serve 18 to 20 pancakes

Step 11: Step Ten

Picture of Step Ten
 Step Ten:

If wanted, serve with butter, syrup, and even bacon to enhance the flavor for the best breakfast ever. 
jlsmoothash2o4 months ago

I love making Bisquick pancakes. Now making them with chocolate chips is going to be even better.

In step one I did try and pray over the cooking spray not sure God made the pancakes not stick without spraying the cooking spray.

barbara.tahir6 months ago

Love the pictured instructions BUT, Bisquick? Really how hard is it to mix some flour and baking powder? The reason some of your readers disliked the taste is because of the Bisquick. Look in any basic cookbook (Better Home and Garden, Joy of Cooking) and you will find a good, easy, pancake recipe to which you can add the chocolate. Good luck - you have inspired me to make some chocolate pancakes this weekend - just not with Bisquick.

did they have to taste that bad?? I made them and they sucked!
M.Warren3 years ago
willl you bring me a pancake tomorrow
Karategirls2 (author) 3 years ago
Why thank you me and my partner worked really hard.
I haven't had a good chocolate chip pancake in quite a long time! Thanks for sharing your recipe!