Bitcoin Simple Sticky Wallet


Introduction: Bitcoin Simple Sticky Wallet

Create your own Bitcoin Simple Sticky Wallet in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Go to Http://

Visit the StickyWalletGenerator  and generate one or more Bitcoin QR-code wallets.
Or download the program form github and generate Bitcoin QR-codes offline.

Step 2: Print Your QR Codes

Print your QR-code wallet(s) onto sticky labels and cut them.

Step 3: Stick Onto Item of Choice

Stick the lables back to back onto each other and on the item of your choice.

!! Don't forget to destroy the Sticky Wallets after redeeming !!

Thanks to Pointbiz for the code and everyone at Metalab.

Bitcoin Donation Address:  1FQfH8uuyPY5poUq386QY5piFBz4TrSZDz



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    Advanced-sticky-wallet and Iron-wallet instructable coming soon!

    1 reply

    Iron wallet is still work in progress sry for the delay

    What's the point of sticking the private key on the back of the public key?

    1 reply

    The idea is to stick it onto an item and redeem it later, you can also stick the private key and the public key on two different items if you prefer.

    The Sticky Wallet is used as an offline or "Paper" Wallet like as a Sticker