Picture of Bite Light: the mouth held flashlight hack
   One night I was in need of a flashlight to look for something. Since I only have 2 hands, and I needed both of them to look, I was using my mouth to hold the light. That method is fine as long as its only once or twice, but after that, the light tends to get pretty gross. and if you're like me, you usually need both hands relatively free when in need of a flashlight, this presents a problem.

Enter the Bite Light.
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Step 1: Tools and materials

  • Microwave
  • Bowl (with water)
  • Scissors
  • Kinfe

Step 2: ShapeLock, part one

Picture of ShapeLock, part one
  Fill the bowl with water, not totally full since you'll need room for displacement, and pour a few grams of ShapeLock (poke at any beads that stay at the top they'll sink). Nuke it on high for 3-5 minutes, that will turn the plastic clear and should give you some time to re-heat and form your part more. Take the plastic out, squish it around between your fingers to get the water out, and flatten it into a small sheet about 1/8"(3mm).

   Note: be careful with rolling pins, I tried using mine that I got specifically for molding ShapeLock into sheets and unfortunately the hot plastic stuck to it. ShapeLock seems to have an affinity towards some things, so beware. Note to self: invest in a metal rolling pin.

   Another note: Due to contrast issues with my photos, ive decided to substitute boilingwaterinmicrowave_0067.jpg, a picture of boiling water in a microwave that was the best of the lot but still rubbish, with a photo I found online of a geyser that's full of lots of boiling water.
Marble rolling pins work great with Shapelock and are available at any cooking store. Slightly pricy though.
Biggsy4 years ago
That's a really great idea matey! well done,I think you could do with... 'fluffing' out a few points on your I'ble though... It's a tad vague in places, otherwise, well done!