Picture of Bite Mark Tutorial
This is going to be a tutorial about how to paint a bite mark. The materials needed are scar wax, black and purple face paint, fake blood.
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Step 1: Step One- beginning

Picture of Step One- beginning
the very first step is to apply black lines along the bite surface to act as the bite marks. This will be the basis that you will be working off of.

Step 2: Step Two- wax

Picture of Step Two- wax
The next step is to add the scar wax so the paint looks a little bit faded and not as fresh. It will also help the fake blood to sit still and not run as much later on.

Step 3: Step Three- blood!

Picture of Step Three- blood!
The next step is to add blood to the point of the contact. You should add to the part where the purple paint is, so it looks like a purple, bleeding bruise. After this you can add as much blood as you want like I did in the very first picture.
You guys are really good at this. Keep 'em coming!