Small Pies!!!

Now you can eat the whole pie without guilt!

Step 1: Prep

I chose ready made pie crust. This was cut to size using various glasses and bowls

You will need small muffin tin, the smaller the better.
Chicken (1 breast)
Carrots (1 cup finely chopped)
Frozen peas (1 cup)
Onions (1 cup finely chopped)
Celery (1 cup finely chopped)
Chicken broth (1.5 cups)
Flour (1/3 cup)
Butter (2 TBSP)
I made several variations both savory and sweet. Did spent the weekend making them and then placed them into a vacuum sealer a pair at a time. After labeling them, the end result was a freezer full of homemade mini pot pies and in enough of a variety that my family can grab and go and have something that they want. They make great lunches and snacks. And during those times when you just don't feel like cooking for the night. :) <br> <br>Great instructable!!! <br>
It looks very tasty.
Guilt? What's that? ;-) <br> <br>Beautiful pies... I could eat a dozen!
Oh gosh those are so cute! I love tiny treats and chicken pot pies! Great idea :D
I did the same thing recently for my daughter's 2nd birthday but with Apple Pies. I made a home-made crust and cut little 2s in the crusts. I was very surprised this worked so well. The idea of Pot Pies came into my mind, but I haven't had time to test anything. Thank you for proving that this idea will translate perfectly.
Aw! Baby pies. How cute and yummy looking. Nice job. :)

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