Picture of Black Balloon Burst with a Twist
This instructable and video combine the balloon in a balloon trick with the properties of a Phoenix green laser pointer from Wicked Lasers. Properties of the Phoenix and other lasers can be discussed at the laser forum.

"Posted by Laser Community member: tchplant"

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Step 1: List of materials.

Picture of List of materials.
You will need a black balloon, crystal clear balloon and a laser such as a 75mW Phoenix green laser. Buy your balloons in bulk. With all of the variations on this theme, you will be going through a lot of them.

Step 2: Preparing the clear balloon.

Picture of Preparing the clear balloon.
Using the Phoenix as a dowel, slip the clear balloon over the pointer and roll it up.

Step 3: Insert the black balloon.

Picture of Insert the black balloon.
Fold the black balloon in a way that allows you to partially insert it into the clear balloon you've just removed from the pointer.

Step 4: Encapsulate the black balloon

Picture of Encapsulate the black balloon
Unroll the clear balloon over the partially inserted black balloon, leaving the end of the black balloon exposed.

Step 5: Inflating the balloons.

Picture of Inflating the balloons.
Blowing only into the black balloon, inflate both balloons as large as you can without bursting. Then tie-off the black balloon.

Step 6: Tying off the clear balloon

Picture of Tying off the clear balloon
Tuck the end of the black balloon into the clear balloon and tie-off the clear balloon. It is not necessary to further inflate the clear balloon.

Step 7: Bursting the black balloon.

Picture of Bursting the black balloon.
Holding steady, direct the beam from the Phoenix laser pointer at the side of the combined balloons.

Step 8: The result

Picture of The result
The laser will pass through the clear balloon bursting the black balloon within, leaving you with the remnants of the black balloon within the inflated clear balloon.

"Posted by Laser Community member: tchplant"