Black Eye Tutorial Materials


Introduction: Black Eye Tutorial Materials

We are going to create a tutorial for painting a black eye. The materials needed are dark red, purple, and brown face paint. You will also need to use translucent powder.

Step 1: Step One

The very first step in painting a black eye is to apply the red face paint to the area of your skin where the point of contact will be.

Step 2: Second Step

the next step is to blend the paint into the skin more and then add the translucent powder, so it starts to settle.

Step 3: Step Three

Now to darken the bruise, add a little bit of the dark brown paint, so it starts to look a little bit more realistic. It will now start to look more like a bruise color, after this add more powder.

Step 4: Step Four

Now add some purple paint because that is the color of a bruise. That will give it the effect of the punch to the eye coming to life and a more real feel.



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    So realistic! Awesome end result.

    This could also be a hilarious prank...

    Thanks for sharing and keep the tutorials coming, they're great!