Nail art is fun! I'm not very good in nail art but I thought it would be fun to try something other than nail polish for nail art. So, I used golden fabric paint with black nail polish. You can use glitter paint as well. My nails are too small so I couldn't add much detail with the design. Anyways, there's not much to say, because this nail art is soooo easy!
I hope you like this ible!
If you like this nail art, do vote for it in the beauty contest! I'd be really happy :)

Step 1: Things You Need

To do this nail art you'll need:

1) Black nail polish,
2) Golden fabric paint or glitter paint,
3) Size '0' paint brush.
<p>nice attempt</p>
Beautiful design!
Thank you! :)
Congrats ..all the best
Thanks Ayesha! :)
Congratulations!!!!! for the first prize :)
Thank you so much Tarun! :)
Love it!
Glad to know!
wao muhaminah congratsss a lottt,
Thank you! :)
Congratulations!!!!!! You are a winner and a well deserving one :). I am so happy that people I am following are winning many contests :)
beautiful,Very nice
Thanks Ayesha! :)
Thank you!
ohh... i love this nail art :)
Thank you! :)
They look amazing!!! You got my vote.
Thank you! thank you! :D
Oooh this nail art is so beautiful! <br>I wish I was as good at drawing as you, but I want to try this veeery soon!! :)
Thank you Linda! I'm sure you'll do better than mines, your nails are perfect for nail art :)
Thank you! I always thought the opposite about my nails :D
you're welcome! there's no reason to think the opposite, I'm more than sure about it :)
This is very cool, but how do you do your other hand? lol One hand would look amazing while my non dominant hand would look like a blob! lolol
Thanks! it's funny how I kept wondering who would do my other hand the whole day!! :p you should try, it's easy yet beautiful :)
oh Mehendi nails! lovely....voting right now!
owwhhh, thank you sooo much shazni! :)
Thanks! :)
Black &amp; Gold, color of Egyptian Gods :). Oh there is a nail too :D. Very cool design.
Yap! love that combination, thank you :)
it looks gorgeous!
Thank you Yashfa!
very nice!
Thanks! :)

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