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Introduction: Black & Gold Rubber Chainmaille Ring

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This Black&Gold ring combines jewelry brass, anodized aluminum and rubber o-rings to create a modern-looking, 3-dimensional ring that is super simple to make and size to fit.

Ring Sizes:

  • 1 x large jump ring - size KK14 (14 SWG 5/8" / 15.9 mm) in jewelry brass
  • 3 x medium jump rings - size J16 (16 SWG 7/32" / 5.6 mm) in jewelry brass
  • 12-20 x small jump rings for the band - size H18 (16 SWG 3/16" / 4.8mm) anodized aluminum in black
  • 32-40 x tiny rubber o-rings for the band - size C19 (19 SWG 7/64" / 2.7mm) in black

To create this project, you will need two pairs of flat-nosed pliers. We recommend Euro Tool ergos for this project.

Step 1:

Scoop 13 tiny rubber rings onto the large ring. Close the ring.

Step 2:

With an open medium ring, scoop 6 tiny rings and weave it through any 3 of the tiny rings from step 1. Close the ring.

Step 3:

Onto a medium ring, scoop 3 tiny rings and weave through the 3 rings you just scooped in step 2. Close the ring.

Step 4:

Weave a medium ring through the 6 hanging rings from steps 2 & 3, and also through 3 from step 1. Make sure to skip 2 tiny rubber rings needed for the ring band.

Step 5:

Make the ring band by making a chain of small rings with tiny rubber rings. Close up the band by meeting up with the tiny hanging rings on the other side of the large ring.



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