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Hello, here I am with a second installation of props for my childrens Cosplay at San Japan Mach 5.  My son went as a male version of a character called Black Gold Saw from the Black Rock Shooter OVA. This character carried a large sword. I present to you my version of this weapon and its build.

Here’s what you will need:


1.      Poplar wood  8”x 3/4” x 6’

2.      Poplar wood  6” x 3/8” x 24”

3.      Small Styrofoam skull (left over from Halloween)

4.      Modge Podge,

5.      Wood glue


1.      Jigsaw

2.      Router

3.      Multifunction powertool

4.      Utility Knife

5.      Glue gun


Step 1:

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1. Draw out the shape of the sword on the 8” x ¾” x 6’ Poplar plank (I kept the total length the height of my cosplayer) and I cut this shape out with my jigsaw.                                                                          

Step 2:

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2.  I used the router with a chamfer bit to shape the blade and saw tooth side and  carved the claw into shape with a utility knife and sanded it smooth

Step 3:

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3.  I made 2 tracings of the tsuba (hilt) onto the 6” x 3/8” x 24” poplar plank (including a length of the handle and cut this out with the jigsaw and glued them on each side

Step 4:

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4.      I planed the Tsuba to shape and routered the outside edges with a rounder bit. I sanded the handle section to blend into the rest of the Tsuka (handle)

5.      I rounded the Tsuka to make a more comfortable grip

6.      I sanded all rough areas and shaped the edges of the ken where needed to keep it all uniform.

7.      I spray painted the claw, Yaiba/Hamon (cutting edge/wave frost), and saw tooth gold and let it dry.

8.      I had forgotten about the “scratch marks” on the Ken and so did them at this time with a file

9.      I covered the areas I wanted to remain gold with painters tape and spray painted the rest of the weapon black.                                                       

Step 5:

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10.      I put three layers of Modge Podge (letting each layer dry before applying next) on the Styrofoam skull.  I then spray painted this Gold once it was totally dry.

Step 6:

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11.      I drilled two 1/4” holes in the pommel (kashira) and placed segments of a pencil 1” sticking out with a sharpened tip (I had planned to use dowel but forgot to get some and was too lazy on this day to go to the store

Step 7:

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12.      I pushed the skull on the pencils (keeping it centered) and glued it in place.  I took some 2 inch hem tape and wrapped the Tsuka.



r0b0t14 (author)2015-05-10

its awesome!! and so big!

Dadime (author)r0b0t142017-03-17

Thank you. That's what she said. LOL

croberson7 (author)2014-08-14

This is awesome! In the process of making it.. is each of the teeth two inches or three inches?

Dadime (author)croberson72014-08-22

Thank you. They have about a 3 inch base and 1 1/2 inch height.

rhayes8 (author)2013-05-05

Would Black Rock Shooter's sword follow the basic same guide as this? Or could you show how you did BRS sword because I have trouble trying to find good pics or tutorials of it.

Dadime (author)rhayes82013-07-10

I recently posted the build of my version of Black rock Shooters Sword. Enjoy and good luck.

Dadime (author)rhayes82013-06-30

Yes, I can do that. I am currently working on 4 Cosplays due in augustso I will try to get to it. Keep a look out for the instructable.

16lundgcodm (author)2013-04-16

Nice costume, very...feminine. Had to say it, great sword though. :D

Dadime (author)16lundgcodm2013-05-01

Well, considering its derived from a female character, it was hard for it not to be. Thank you.

jessyratfink (author)2013-02-26

Very nice. How heavy is it?

Dadime (author)jessyratfink2013-03-10

Thank you. It is about 3 lbs.

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