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In this instructable I will show you how to make this arcade game inspired by black holes. Try to get as many points as posible. You can use the warping of spacetime (or in this case cardboard) to steer the marble where you want it. But if you get too close you just might fall in. Super simple and fun. Great homemade gift for the nerd or game lover in your family. If you like this project don't forget to vote for it for the untouchables challenge.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project you will need: a hot glue gun, two cardboard snack boxes as well as some more stray pieces of cardboard, skewers (optional), scissors, and markers.

Step 2:

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Start with a cardboard snack box. Cut it like so.

Step 3:

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Cut two holes as shown.

Step 4:

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Cut rays out from both of the holes.

Step 5:

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Flip the contraption upside down and bend the rays up and curve them. Reinforce the cracks with glue.

Step 6:

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Cut two pairs of cardboard strips. Cut them so that you have two equal sized big pieces and two equal sized small pieces. Fold all of them lengthwise.

Step 7:

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Take the strips of cardboard and glue them as shown. Make sure that the small strips are at one end and the big ones are at the other. You may want to reinforce the main sheet of cardboard with some skewers.

Step 8:

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Cut two strips that can span the longer sides or the arcade game. The contraption should be upright standing on its legs that you made during the last step. Glue these new cardboard strips to the sides.

Step 9:

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Get yet another strip of cardboard that spans most of the length of the shorter end of the arcade game. Cut rectangular holes into it that are just narrower than the marble. Glue it on like in the picture. You can choose which holes are worth how many points. You can use small pieces of cardboard that are folded in half and glued as shown to make bumpers.

Step 10:

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You can create a display for your arcade machine. Cut the cardboard in the shape shown above. Decorate, you can give it any title you want. I called mine black hole arcade after what this project is inspired by. Then you glue it on.

Step 11:

Now all you have to do is decorate it. Have fun and don't forget to vote!


ThatGuy9080 (author)2017-05-15

Great game! I especially love the concept!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-05-14

Fun game design. Thanks for sharing.

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