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Introduction: Black Knight

Black Knight is a goose egg jewel box designed for a young woman's 20th Birthday who loves fencing so I designed Black Knight with this in mind.
The stand and filigrees are silver, the crystals are Swarovski Jet. The design on the front hints at a fencing mask and the lovely brooch that sits inside. A black sparkling mesh was used to cover the cut outs and the inside lining is white silk.



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    you have very beautiful instructables!
    I am a young former Marine and I live and work in Kuwait with my Iraqi husband and in-laws. I'm trying to figure out a good craft for the family to do and maybe make a livelihood from, since I can't support my family as well as my refugee in laws. Do you think you can get in touch with me, and help me learn how to do egg arts like you create? If you could, that would be great.

    absolutely fabulous!! i could only dream of making something this beautiful

    That is a breathtaking, awesome piece of art. I really am impressed by the precision, the delicacy and the aesthetics of this artwork. Congratulations, Madam, you really are an artist. :)

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. 

    This is absolutely breathtaking. Imagine getting 2, or even 3 gifts in one (If you count the box, which I certainly would). I think this idea could also be used to present a wonderful bottle of expensive perfume as well. (I prefer good perfume as a gift to anything else in the world. I can already imagine something like this on my dressing table. The recipient of this gift is a very lucky woman.

    Lovely and delicate, I think this just might be my favorite of your designs. Hard to pick though, they are all so pretty.

    impressive, where do you get all your ideas from? please let us know your ideas are really wonderful

    Thanks again! This was made especially for a girl who loves fencing so the silver is the sword, the white silk is the garments and the mesh covered cut outs, the mask. It took a bit of thinking to nut it out but her boyfriend is very happy and will give it to her on her birthday. Just take a little time to think it through and you will get there. Sometimes, you may only have part of an idea and it develops as you work on it.

    WOW!!! I am impressed.

    Hi rookie1, thank you! It's one of my favourites!