Introduction: Black Light Stencil Tattoos

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in this instructable I am going to show you how to make awesome spray on tattoos that glow under black lights!

Step 1: Supplies and Materials

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Materials + Supplies
* Pen
* Exacto knife
* Labels (you can buy them from rite aid or some place like that, they are really cheap)
* Highlighter (make sure it can fit in the blow pen, sharpie highlighter accent ones do and make sure it glows under the black light, note: all yellow highlighters will glow under a black light)
* Blow Pen  (you can find these at ac more if you can't find them then make one)  (but remember to use a highlighter tip instead of a sharpie one!)

Step 2: Creating Your Stencil

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use your pen to draw the design you want onto your label then cut it out with your exacto knife

Step 3: Stick Your Design on Your Skin

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Peel it off and stick it on your skin (or a tee shirt if you prefer)

Step 4: Highlight It

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use your blow pen and highlighter to blow over your design

Step 5: Peel It Off

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make sure you don't smudge it like i did... I would recomend waiting untill its dry

Step 6: Turn on the Black Light!

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OOOOO AHHHHH they glow!


darknessfalls (author)2010-09-29

hahahaha im gonna get a black shirt on the cheap and see if this works on it!

dechi (author)2010-07-08


arjay1491 (author)2010-05-21

 uhhhh.... u know u could try do it the other way around.... instead of trying to make shapes why not get a paper and make a star shape hole to it.... i bet it would be a lot better than that cuz u know what they said... it looks like a rash... and isn't it very poisonous or something?

davej6694 (author)arjay14912010-05-26

yeah thats true.... but im pretty sure its fine, all the highlighters i used were non toxic

countrygiri (author)2010-05-23

I agree with making a hole in the shape that you want in the paper and putting it on,it makes it look a little neat. However it is a good idea,but maybe just try drawing on your arm with the highlighter?

I don't think it's highly toxic,but my be a good idea to check.

fire666 (author)2010-05-04

cool man 

codongolev (author)2010-04-02

that looks like some horrible rash....

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