Picture of Black Magic Chemical Reaction
This chemical reaction is kind of different than ones you may be use to. In this reaction, there is no fire, no explosions, only color changing. The water turns from clear to black after a few simple steps.
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Step 1: Gather Items

Picture of Gather Items
-Stiring rod
-Measuring cup and 3 glasses
-Measuring spoon
-Sodium sulfite and citric acid mixture
-Sodium iodate
-Starch pellets

Step 2: Cup 1

Picture of Cup 1
-Add 3/4 cup of water in cup #1
-Add one starch pellet into the cup of water(stir until disolved)
-Add 1/2 TSP of sodium sulfite/citric acid(stir until disolved)

Step 3: Cup 2

Picture of Cup 2
-Add 3/4 cup of water to cup #2
-Add 1/4 TSP of sodium iodate(stir until disolved)

Step 4: Combining

Picture of Combining
-Mix the liquids
-Pour cup #1 into cup #2
-Pour cup #2 back into cup #1
-Pour cup #1 into cup #3

Step 5: Vuala!

Picture of Vuala!
You did it! If the expiriment did NOT work, try again. Make sure your measurements are exact. Even if it did fail, congratulations! You did science!!! SCIENCE!!
kihscience1 year ago
Like the conclusion. Did you ask permission from the creator to use their pictures? Do you have your own pictures? Video?