Picture of Black Ops
Hey everyone!
I haven't played Cod in a while but I recently got into the mood. Mostly Zombies! I'm not actually going take photos of me playing, I'm just going to take photos from google and provide my knowledge along with it. Thanks add anything in the comments below!

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Step 1: Starting rounds

Picture of Starting rounds
ok so when you first start, there are 2 methods in which you can use.
1. 3 or 4 shots with a pistol then a knife gets you maximum points
2. only knife which saves you ammo.
Personally I do #1 because usually you get a max ammo sooner or later
I always open the upstairs door because I find that way is better. Anyways, NEVER buy a gun on the wall in the begging rounds. after you buy 1-2 doors then you should buy a gun off the wall if you don't find a mystery box on your way. SO on first round it takes 1 knife to kill a zombie, then 2 knifes on round 2, 3 knifes on round 3 and so on. between round 3-5, you will want to buy a door.
Catt1234563 years ago
It was ok. Most of the tips were for less than average zombie slayers I suppose. You should have also mentioned that the circle method can be used around the whole map. (It is a HUGE circle.) Also, has some useful facts to use. I get alot of info from there. I still rated it 5 stars because if I was a beginner, this would be super helpful

i use that method and it helps me because after the round ends i link the teliporter and i wait till the zombies are out of there barriers and then i go to the teliporter and when i am back in the lobby i go and repeat the proccess

zombies is kind of a hard mode tho, cuz if there are a few good peopl, there strategies clash and they argue, and people go down, but if everyone else is weak sauce then its like omg I gots to carry all of the team's weight....(sigh) time to go to work, AGAIN!!!

I know how you feel. I play Xbox live and there are a lot of people that dont do good so i leave the lobby and join games with my other friends that actually have skill

i know how u feel. u got a ps3?
aleceatsfood (author)  Catt1234563 years ago
Thanks and I've never done the huge circle... never thought of that but I guess that would work! I don't really use that or any website to help me play. I sometimes watch youtube videos of people getting to high levels then copy their strategy. Like just yesterday, I got to round 30,26 and 26 again with 2-4 people. but mostly it was all me cause they always died leaving me to do all the killing for the whole round!
hey man sooo guess what........ I GOT AN XBOX 360 WOOt soo whats ur gamertag mine is spookytunafish 9
aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
Hey Hey thats AWESOME!!! Im going to be kindof busy this week but I will definatly try to get on. my gamer tag is "Alejandro2180" did you get black ops as well? and if you could maybe wana get the dlc map pack "first strike"? thats my best zombie map. I just got to 38 a few nights ago but I had to leave so I could have goten farther! see yah soon! =D
kk but i don't have that dlc i have rezssurection and i have a mic and soo my new gamertag is tornado66 as soon as i get ungrounded soo yeah cya on black ops i'll have to make it have xbox live!!!!!!!!
aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
ah grounded eh? sucks but I tried to friend someone called spookytunafish 9 but I guess its not you? Also you get a free month of xbox live you just have to figure out how to activate it.
okayy soo if u have a request from soulless mammal6 thats me cya on xbox
aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
aahh hehe...I got it but I acidently declined it cuz i didnt think it was you... and I cant send it to you idk the xboxlive isnt working...if you could send it to me again please =D
alright i'll send it 2 u when i get ungrounded which is in 1 or 2 days from 2day
Look up the syndicate project. Number 1 zombies player solo in the world. Hes pretty awesome
also, it's easy to use the traps on the way around, and buying wall ammo helps as well. The flaw is if you have a machine gun, or are all out of sprint, and can't dodge zombies very well. It works well, but can get boring and split up your team after awhile. It works well on solo or when everyone is dead, but not on a 4 player. I included a diagram

Player 1 Group Of Zombies You (Player 2)

Zombies go to whoever is closest to them. If player 2 is gaining on the zombies, and they all turn around and take him out. Now, instead of that, try this.

Player 2 Group of Zombies Player 1 Smaller Group of Zomb.

Makes sense, doesn't it.
Crimson773 months ago
My personal Favorite is to fire 1911 6 times and stab on round 1 to get 160 points per then fire 7 onrnd 2 while letting them in to get drops. Leave for mp40 room before dogs and aquire mp40 then 2 players upstairs and 2 down till at least round 8 ( HOPEFULLY BOX IS SAME DIRECTION) fall back to stage area without turning power on (KEY) and grab claymores. Place claymores on left side before the window on the left. 3 players stand very close where mystery box location is and all zombies flow single file which allows for easy dispatching of heads while 1 elected player covers rear window. Thia strategy good for 20k points early.
Must say that if you can upgrade a weapon ( my favourites to upgrade are the two handed c275 calamity jane and the m911), it will give you an stronger firepower if you need to save somebody or to run away.

Instead good instructable!!

LiftAndLove2 years ago
Me and my firend always try to get the mystery box in the room on the left in the beggining. An unpatched glitch to know its there is to run upstairs on the left up to the barrier. If you see green/blue light in the back of it, then its there.
LiftAndLove3 years ago
GLITCHES (if you dont constantly update)

1) At the end of a wave, leave one crawler. Buy juggernog(will help but not needed), and got to the sentry gun on the stage. Wait till the crawler is close to you, then start jumping. As you jump you must crouche midair. Can take awhile, but makes you invincible.

2) When dogs come, get in the crack on the left-side of the teleporter. They can't get you there. Also, on the stairs close to the teleporter, you can get on the right side of the stairs. Get on the edge of that and the stage.
aleceatsfood (author)  LiftAndLove3 years ago
weren't those patched a long time ago? I think the plank on the stage still works but the sentry gun one doesnt
I really don't know. My friend doesn't update his, so it works. I also said that it works if you don't update.
CODKING3 years ago
dogs always come from round 5-7
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
good to know. have you played shangri la yet? I know its only been out for a day but I really REALLY dislike the map!!!
is it on black ops
srry but i havent
i was actually referring to kino der toten
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
yah I knew you were talking about kino. I just brought up the subject of the knew map pack for black ops
o whens that one coming out
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
ok i played shangri la and ur rite it does suck
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
It's too small to run aorund and not get trapped. I'm getting really into ascension again =D I'm looking into buying the hardend edition!!
i feel that its easier to knife and get away with out damage in ascension and plenty of running room to dodge zombies
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
yeah thats why I like it, there's always a place to run if you get overflown with zombies
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
Have you ever played Black ops on Wii? I just did today at my friends and played zombies. It's so messed up! I dont think you can knife and aiming is almost impossible!
actually, if you get used to the wii aiming, it's a lot more precise than ps360 aiming
no but i use to play w.a.w. and it doesnt even have zombies
aleceatsfood (author)  CODKING3 years ago
it could be a different version. I have one for ps2 but its a different version so it doesnt...
no its the same just wii doesnt have good enough graphics card so ya wii just sux
1: if you get used to wiimote aiming, it's much more precizer than ps360 aiming
2: no screaming 6 year old kids
3: it's a wii, you shouldn't expect hd graphics, i think that the graphics are good enough
well u need to get a classic controller i mean it's still pretty hard but it's better than the wii remote. but thats what i use and it's a lot better... but i've never tried it with the wii remote. :)
oh wow cool
nfk113 years ago
No, your not supposed to leave anyone behind unless there is no possible way to get them, that's helped me a lot.
I agree, unless if you positively know that there is no way to save you're teammate, never leave anyone behind but I do think it's anoying when people get pissed when they die it's like ughh there are other capable people playing too ya know.......but I digress :o* (sigh)
aleceatsfood (author)  DontShoot2623 years ago
well yes I'm sorry i didn't go into it much. If you have a few zombies still and someone is down, dont go for him unless they are all walkers...
aaldaz3 years ago
this is going to make me better yay
aleceatsfood (author)  aaldaz3 years ago
nice to know
dbalagna3 years ago
thanks man i play zombies on the wii the graphics sucks compared to xbox 360
i feel sorry for other people cause i suck at it the best i've done is made it to round 14 with 4 people and i had 6 or more downs soo this will help me a lot. thanks again WOOT COD ROCKS
aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
Sweet I'm super glad this helps! I hope yo you can go to father rounds!!!
ur advise is really helpful now i can make it to round 14 without having any problem but i still haven't found good enough people to play with but yeah thanks again ohh and the problem about the part with the hell hounds is the first time u see them is between round 6 and round 8 for me i don't know if that happens to u at all but yeah soo i just get the mp40... :) this was a long comment
aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
cool. If you were an xbox'er I'd love to play a game on kino with you! I haven't played kino a lot lately and I wish to go back and play it! My farthest is round 30 on ascension with 2 people. But it was mostly me becasue the other guy would spawn in and then get killed right away!
xbox is harder than ps3 so if you can pass level 40 by your self props
haha that would suck and i might hack my wii for infanet ammo and health and money but i might not and hey u now i have christmas mabye i'll get an xbox 360 then but u never know
aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
I stick at hacking or anything that goes beyond simple computer knowlandge. Christmas is still a long time away! I saved up for my xbox. $400 put to good use.
true i mean i'm working with my dad this next week until school starts and it's every Tuesday and Thursday soo i get about 20 to 40 bucks a job soo i might have enough for a xbox 360 if i get one i will tell u and ask for ur friend code
hey umm i want to know how to more ammo for packed a punch gus without getting max ammo cause i'll get the mp5k or mp40 and i run out of ammo fast also i've got something thats really good is that if u get a stakeoout and pack a punch it holds 10 bullets and has 60 rounds it is really helpfull

aleceatsfood (author)  dbalagna3 years ago
well running out of ammo does suck, especially with a good gun. If you pack a punched a gun off the wall, you can always run back to the spot you bought it and buy "upgraded ammo". So actually I think it's a great idea to get one gun off the wall and one from the box. Also if it's a weapon from the box that's out of ammo. And it you're rich you can trade it back into the box and pray you get it back. Hope this helpped!
thanks i thought they upgraded ammo meant u got extended mag but now i know the only problem is if i have the mp40 or guns around that it sucks if i run out of ammo in the middle of a round cause it's far away from they corner in the stage but thanks
kve23 dbalagna3 years ago
ally with me we could get to a much higher round
jwalsh33 years ago
i know what you mean alec,i have to sometimes fight rounds myself when my partners die
aleceatsfood (author)  jwalsh33 years ago
yeah It's sometimes annoying to know that if u die then everyone gets pissed at you. but sometimes its awesome when you know your going to be good cuz they watch how good you are and they're all like "woah he's good!"
jwalsh33 years ago
6 shots then a knife lol if you do it right the zombies won't die from 6 shots
aleceatsfood (author)  jwalsh33 years ago
I guess like in the foot I've heard...
mrelement3 years ago
this is the best guide ever it should have more views *****
aleceatsfood (author)  mrelement3 years ago
haha thanks I don't think it's the overall best but thanks =)
You can also run around the whole place and let the zombies collect up behind you then pour bulets into them. Last time I did that, I got enough to pack-a-punch twice.
aleceatsfood (author)  DontShoot2623 years ago
yeah I've been told that befor... kino is not my favorite map anymore. ascension beats all maps... I/or anybody can do a perfect circle strategy. It's so much easier to me. Anyways before I've done the ascension thing ive had 40000points. Too bad I don't first strike... I only play at my friends houses.