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Hello Everyone! In this Instructable I will teach you how to make a good create a class.
(This is my opinion, you also have a right to your opinion, so don't go crazy on me.)

Step 1: Primary Gun

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I will have a breakdown on the guns
Snipers: +Range +Power -Defensive +Offensive Recommended: PSG1 or L96
Shotguns:-Range +Power +Close Range Defense+Close Range Offense Recommended: SPAS-12
Assualt Rifles: +Range +Power -Recoil +Offense Defense depends
Submachine Guns -Range +Power with rapid fire -Recoil +Defensive gun Recommended: AK74u or MP5K
LMGs:+Range +Power -Recoil -Reload  Recommended: Stoner63
Note: By defensive and offense I mean if you started the gunfight or are defending from the gunfight.

Step 2: Secondary Gun

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Pistols: Can be effective or terrible, depending how you use them. Recommended: C275 Full Auto or Python Speed Reloader
These can be effective for non-flak jacket opponents, and enemy air support.(Easy Points) Recommended: M172 Law
Because these are so different, I am giving them their own section
Crossbow: This is great for stealth, because you don't appear on the radar, and you can get an instant kill with certain accuracy
Ballistic Knife: Hard to use, no iron sights. Aim above your target

Step 3: Perk 1

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Perk 1. I will give you the definitions and tips with each. You can decide from there.
Lightweight Pro : Sprint Faster + No Falling Damage. You can take advantage for no falling damage, like escaping out of a window.
Flak Jacket Pro : Reduced Explosive Damage + Reduced Flame Damage. Great for capturing objectives in Dom. Helpful for Noob Tube and Grenade Spamming
Scavenger Pro: Take ammo from fallen enemies + More Starting Ammo. You can use this with a high-rate-of-fire submachine gun. Very helpful for high killstreaks.
Hardline Pro: 1 less kill required for killstreak + Can reroll care packages. You should use this with the care package. Rerolling for 5 killstreaks and below is recommended.
Ghost Pro: Remain hidden from spy planes + Avoid attack helicopters, no red diamond from chopper gunner and gunship. No name appears when aimed on. Use this class to stealth around and flank. Don't forget your supressor.

Step 4: Perk 2

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Warlord Pro: Two attachments for Primary Weapon + 1 extra tactical and lethal grenade
Sleight of Hand Pro: Reload Faster + Aim Down Sights faster, except with sniper scopes.
Steady Aim Pro: Reduces Hipfire Spread + Aim Faster after Sprinting, Faster Knifing
Hardened Pro: Bullet Penetration + More Damage to Aircraft, No Flinching when Shot.
Scout Pro: Hold Breath Longer with snipers + Change weapons and plant equipment faster

Step 5: Perk 3

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Hacker Pro: Can see enemy equipment through walls + Change enemy equipment to your equipment, not appear on motion sensor
Marathon Pro: Sprint Farther + Unlimited Sprint
Second Chance Pro : Pull out a pistol before dying + Can be revived by teammates
Tactical Mask Pro: Immune to Nova Gas + Flashbangs and other stun grenades stun reduced, can see stunned enemies on radar.
Ninja Pro: Move around almost silently + Move silently

Step 6: Equipment and Grenades

Picture of Equipment and Grenades

This is basically your back-up stuff.
Equipment: Claymore: Effective for defending a room or objective. Counter=Flak Jacket
C4: Basically a throwable, user controlled claymore. You get 2. Counter=Flak Jacket
Motion Sensor: A small device that you plant in a certain area, like an objective,and see enemies that walk around in the radius.Counter=Hacker Pro
Camera Spike: A thermal camera that takes up your minimap. It should be used to watch an objective or bomb site.
No Counter that I have Found
Tactical Insertion: A counter to bad spawning or spawn trapping. Controlling where you spawn. Counter=The amount of light and sound it makes.
Lethal Grenades:
Frag: A throwable grenade that has a 5 second fuse. Can be thrown back.
Semtex: A grenade that has a 1 second fuse after sticking to an object.
Tomahawk: A knife that can be thrown. If hit by it, it is an instant kill.
Tactical Grenades:
Flashbang: A grenade that stuns your oppenent for about 1-4 seconds.
Willy Pete: A smoke grenade
Nova Gas: A gas grenade that can eventually kill you
Concussion: A grenade that stuns and slows you for about 1-4 seconds

Step 7: Put It All Together

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This is where you really "Create-A-Class".
1. Choose a type of gun you find comfortable, and  attachments
2. Choose your secondary. Do you want to shoot down aircraft, or stick with crossbow bolts?
3. Perk 1 is your skin. Choose what you want the most.
4. Perk 2 helps with your guns. I recommended Sleight of Hand Pro
5. Perk 3 are random yet helpful. I recommend not putting Flak Jacket and Hacker together though.
6. Think of good combos. (Silencer + Ninja Pro.) (Lightweight + Marathon) (Hacker and Motion Sensor)

Step 8: Test It Out.

Picture of Test It Out.

This is the most fun step.
After building your class, go online and test it out.
Don't get frustrated about not doing good, it may take getting used to.


~Meme~ (author)2012-07-31


Aug,MPL,l96A1,FN FAL

h8864 (author)2012-06-28

the tomahawk is not a knife it is a throwing hatchet.
i used one before

LiftAndLove (author)2012-06-15

You forgot to put the Jammer in the equipment

dragon#1 (author)2012-04-05

try galil with greanade launcher. also i think the fal is awsome

littl3d00d (author)2011-10-06

C4 IS A GREAT WEAPON TO PUT NEXT TO A CLAYMORE or on someone that plans to run in with a grenade and suicide it even an RC-XD from a friend cuz when it flys into a group or a bomb it blows up and your c4 is left there

Catt123456 (author)littl3d00d2011-10-14

good ideas!

youaremyapocalypse (author)2011-07-28

"Hacker Pro: Can see enemy equipment through walls + Change enemy equipment to your equipment, not appear on motion sensor"--- also can hack enemy crates and it blows up when they try to capture it.
"Second Chance Pro : Pull out a pistol before dying + Can be revived by teammates" --- pro makes you take longer to bleed out too
"Ninja Pro: Move around almost silently + Move silently"---- you actually move silently without and having pro makes enemies louder(unless they have ninja also)

also, I did this a long time ago. I'll have better ones for mw3.

you move 75 percent quiter with ninja. Ninja pro makes you silent. The perk descriptions in game aren't totally on with the perk.

youaremyapocalypse (author)2011-07-28

"C4: Basically a throwable, user controlled claymore."--- you could have just said it is like a user controlled frag.
"Willy Pete: A smoke grenade"--- they also do a little damage, but that little damage can be usefull, i would know, my friend accidently killed himself with one when he was trying to get away playing capture the flag(he did have quite a bit of damage on him but if he didnt use it he would have gotten away)
"Nova Gas: A gas grenade that can eventually kill you"--- it also blurs vision and slows you down and if used correctly can kill pretty well

true. Normally though, the smoke grenade only does a small portion of damage. Your friend must have been taking bullets when he smoked himself. Thanks for the rephrasing on the other two though.

youaremyapocalypse (author)2011-07-28

Flak Jacket Pro actually gives you no flame damage.

also Ghost pro makes you invisable on infa-red and sentry guns

Actually, flak jacket pro gives 5 percent of the original flame damage. If a flame does 100 damage per second, now it does 5.

mberg (author)2011-06-26

thx. i dont have it yet and im quite a bit late. i hope i get and if i do, if this helps me.

Catt123456 (author)mberg2011-06-26

I recommend waiting and getting mw3. I'll have a ton of guides when that game comes out. I'll do weapon guides, classes, survival and spec ops, and map guides. If you are going to be bored over the summer, get mw2, and then get good at mw3. I'm not telling you to, I just think its a better idea. Now i'm bored with black ops, even though im 5th prestige.

Catt123456 (author)2011-03-27

Catt123456, though I don't chat on xbox. How do I make a collab?

Catt123456 (author)2011-03-27

I'm a flak jacket guy. I'm trying not to get the pro's because it's too much woork every prestige to get the same stuff I don't even need. You know how to do a collaboration? because we should do one about black ops. I'm working on some map walkthroughs, maybe you can help. WMD is my first one

Catt123456 (author)2011-03-27

Don't forget to rate and follow!

Catt123456 (author)2011-03-27

Cool! How'd you like the instructable?

zazenergy (author)2011-03-13


Catt123456 (author)zazenergy2011-03-14

Thanks, this one took me a while to do.

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