Well, I was board one day and decided to make Black Powder. So I went on youtube and looked up " How to Make Black Powder", after that, I went to work. This whole process takes about 5-10 minutes.

Step 1: Materials

- Highlighter
- Matches
- pliers
- pop can
- metal shears or scissors

Step 2: Pop Can Tray

First, you get your pop can and metal shears or scissors and cut the bottom off the can.

Step 3: Shaving the Matches

Second, you get your pliers and shave the red part off them.

Step 4: Mixing in Charcoal

Third, get your charcoal and put it in with the match parts. Mix them and grind them.

Step 5: Add Some More Match Parts ( If Needed)

If you need to, mix some more of the red part of the match in.

Step 6: Finished

Now you have finished Black Powder.
Probably should change the title to match heads and charcoal.
<p>Nope, not black powder in the accepted sense. Black powder is a mixture of Sulphur, Charcoal and salt peter. (potassium nitrate.)</p><p>Strike anywhere match heads contain phosphorus sulphide and glue.</p><p>Safety matches contain </p><p>Potassium chlorate (KClO3,), sulphur (s), diatomite Ca(OH)2, silica <br>(SiO2.nH2O), glue, starch, and either of these: zinc oxide (ZnO) or <br>calcium carbonate (CaCO3).</p>
<p>So the title, premise and entire content of the instructable is wrong.</p><p>Anyone seeking instructions to make black powder comes here because of the title and gets the wrong information. these instructions are intended to be</p><p>a) correct and accurate.</p><p>b) searchable</p><p>c) responsible.</p>
<p>So wat</p>

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