Introduction: Black Rainbow Fishtail

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These fishtail bracelets are very easy to make and they look cool! All I needed was:

•the loom(or the on the go from rainbow looms)
•the knowledge of how to do a fishtail (I have a instructable on it)
•a hook(found in the kits)
•different colored bands

Step 1: Starting

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You start off as the usual fishtail BUT you only use one color (I suggest black or white)

Do this for about 5-6bands

Step 2: Starting the Rainbow

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After you put the 6th one on decide your pattern I am doing: white white; orange orange;red red; purple purple; red red; orange orange;white white. You need to do double because it would be to short otherwise...

Step 3: Starting the Black Again

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Add in the black after you've finished the white. Do it the same amount as you did on the other side.

Step 4: Ending

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*if it is to small add some more to the ending side*

To end put clips on the end! EnJoY!


sarzar10 (author)2014-03-08

I never thought of this but it's a really cool idea!

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