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Here is a requested supplement to my Black Rock Shooter Cannon, Black Rock Shooters sword. As in my other instructables this build was in support of my children's hobby of Cosplaying, which is dressing up as their favorite anime characters at the many anime conventions, our favorite venue being San Japan in San Antonio.  Any way here you are.

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1. Wood (I use poplar): One 1 1/2” x 48” x 1/4”, one 1 1/2” x 24” x 1/4"
2. Wood glue
3. Spray paint (grey, black, silver)
4. Gold paint (small amount for accents)


1. Coping saw
2. Sand paper
3. Hobby Plane

Step 2:

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1. I took my daughters PVC model of Black Rock Shooter and borrowed the sword to brainstorm on how to make it:

Step 3:

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2. I took the 48” plank of poplar and measured, making markings, how long the ken, blade (I did 32 inches) and tsuka, handle (I did 11 inches) will be and add 4 inches.

3. I set this aside and took the shorter length of poplar and drew out some geometric shapes to use for the base of the blade and top of the handle and cut them out with a coping saw.  I positioned the piece on the sides of the longer length of poplar and found it just didn’t look right.  I cut a piece off the corner of one of the polygons to achieve the shape I wanted (I saved this piece).

Step 4:

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4. I glued the pieces into place.  Keeping in mind the shape of the swords tuba (hilt/guard) I used the small triangle I had cut off from one of the polygons.  I made a notch into the Tsuba (hilt) as well, again to keep true to the shape.

Step 5:

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5. I cut a 45 degree angle at the top end to form the kissaki (sword tip).  I used a craft plane to shape the yaiba (cutting edge) of the sword.

Step 6:

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6. Usually I add a couple pieces of wood to build up the tsuka (handle) but for the purpose of this project I kept it flat and just filed a couple of notches (1/2” apart) to form somewhat of a grip and will paint in the details later.  Make sure to leave 2 inches at the end untouched for the kashira (pommel).

Step 7:

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7. I then sanded the whole piece to smooth any rough surfaces and rounding the corners of the kashira.

8. I spray painted the Yaiba (cutting edge) silver and let it dry.  I then put painters tape over this and painted the Ken (blade) grey and let it dry. I place painters tape over the area that would be the Tsuba (hilt).  I painted the kashira (pommel) gold let it dry and covered it with painters tape. I then painted the Tsuka (handle) black and let it dry.  I took off all the painters tape.

9. I wrapped gold bead wire over the Tsuka following the grooves I made earlier

Step 8:

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10. I didn’t like how flimsy my end product looked so I made 2 tracings of the bottom of the ken (blade) on a piece of Poplar (3” x ¼”) and cut this out with my coping saw.  I carved and sanded these two pieces to blend into the Ken and painted them grey. I glued these to the bottom of the Ken and this added bulk that made the sword look sturdier

Step 9:

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And now you have a battle ready Black Rock Shooter Sword!


audreyobscura (author)2013-07-01

Wow, you did a nice job. Your finished product should be your main image, instead of using an image that doesn't show off how awesome this sword is!

Dadime (author)audreyobscura2013-07-10

I appreciate the suggestion, so edited

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