This is my first ever Instructable so please give me advice and tips. (If you want to, I'm not forcing you)

Well I was just messing around with my knex when I noticed that when I put a silver spacer on top of a ball joint it looks kind of serated...

It's also good because it hardly uses any pieces.

After I'd messed around enough I came up with this, a black, carbon looking serated knife. Well here it is:

I'd also like to hear about any mods to it please

Step 1: The Pieces You Will Need:

Here are the pieces you need to make the whole knife:


17 green
10 white
1 grey
1 long flexible


2 orange (holds 2 rods)
4 grey (holds 2 rods)
3 red (holds 3 rods)
3 green (holds 4)
6 yellow (holds 5)


9 blue spacers
25 silver spacers
25 ball joints
23 ball joint connectors
3 little ball joint connectors

I think thats all of them...
Tell me if its wrong.

Step 2: The Blade

Easy - just look at the pictures.

Pic 1: Do this. Make 25 of them.
Pic 2: Make this.
Pic 3: Make this also
Pic 4: Put them together.
Pic 5: You have just made the blade.

Step 3: The Handle

Pic 1: Make 2 of these.
Pic 2: Make this.
Pic 3: Attach them together with 4 white rods.
Pic 4: You've just made the handle.

Step 4: Puting It All Together

Just snap them together really...

Once you've done please rate it :)

Oh yeah I'm not responsible for what you do with this knife.
(Not that you can hurt yourself with it anyway...)
<p>good idea to make a serated knife but looks a little wierd</p>
does it ACTUALLY cut?!?!?!
whered u get so many ball joints???!!!!
it does look bendy. How do the silver spacers stay on. They look like they would just keep falling off.
It is a little bendy but the silver spacers fit snugly over the ball joints, try it and you'll know what I mean
i would try but i dont have enough silver spacers to make it. I dont know what happended to all the ones that i had but they are gone now.
I think he means just put a silver spacer over a ball joint and see if it fits
Looks a bit bendy wendy if ou know what i mean....
Here is the link for my performance pistol:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Performance-Pistol/">My Performance Pistol</a><br/>
Im doing an instructable for the xm8 an my own pistol It shoots blue, white or green rods. I dinted my wall with it :(
Can u all C The PIcs NoW? Also What u think Of ThIs: Its ALIHISGREAT's xm8 but with sum cool mods Worth doin an instructable?
i can see them now. that looks like its worth it.
ok i might post 1 later
I did put pictures but there gone... Il try and sort it out
ask a admin, it could be a glitch.
isnt that the same list as i put? u esplained it beter tho :)
dude all the pictures are gone!
oops, i did not see the list...
definitely list it as k-nex and maybe some pictures would help
You might wanna include the word "k'nex" in the title/description. :)
check out my truck:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Monster-Truck-Thing/">my monster truck thing</a><br/><br/>what do ya think?<br/><br/>
pieces list: exotic: ball joint balls 27 ball joint sockets 23 black hands 3 connectors: yellow 4 green 2 red 3 light grey 4 rods: grey rod 1 bendy grey rod 1 white 8 green `17 miscellaneous: grey spacers 25 blue spacers 9 feel free to use this just give me credit.
lol <em>It's also good because it hardly uses any pieces.</em><br/><br/>i don't have enough pieces to build this. its a ok knife but it uses WAY to many exotic pieces.<br/>

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